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HCT Collaborates with College of Islamic & Arabic Studies to provide Work Readiness Programmes for UAE Nationals

The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), and its commercial arm CERT, recently signed an agreement with the College of Islamic & Arabic Studies (CIAS) to implement a Work Readiness Programme (WRP) starting from November 2015 and operating until 31 January 2017.

The WRP will be implemented under HCT’s supervision in order to ensure national manpower development and equip young Emiratis with the labour market skills in order to contribute to building UAE economy.

The programme, designed by HCT, will provide UAE Nationals with labour market relevant skills, such as Arabic, English, computer skills, Maths and Accounting, as well as a practical training course that meets the requirements of both the public and private sectors.

The agreement was signed by Dr Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT Vice Chancellor, and Dr Mohammed Abdul Rahman, CIAS Dubai Director.

The WRP will operate over four semesters in a two-year time frame and will consist of 18 weeks each semester. The Delivery of the IASC WRP will take place on CIAS’s Dubai premises and under the terms of the agreement the CIAS will recruit the students, faculty and staff for the WRP, as well as providing students with the necessary laptops and providing all classroom furniture, laptops and equipment including six Smart Boards, Internet and maintenance.

The HCT will supervise the whole process of learning and recruitment as well as provide guidance toward using the best teaching practices and evaluation requirements. It will also provide periodic academic progress reports to CIAS, with all students being subject to HCT policies and laws.

Dr Abdullatif Al Shamsi emphasized the importance of creating strategic partnerships with major local and international corporations aiming to exchange experiences and providing advanced training programmes. “This will enable students to keep abreast of the changes in the labour market and contribute effectively to their communities,” he said.

Dr Al Shamsi added that HCT is pleased to cooperate with CIAS for the second time and build on the success of the previous years. “The programme will equip national students with skills required in the labour market, like Arabic, English, computer and Maths and Accounting, as well as a practical training course that meets the requirements of both the public and private sectors,” he added.

Dr. Mohammed Abdul Rahman, CIAS Director in Dubai, expressed his pleasure in signing this agreement which was very successful in the previous years. He affirmed that it reflects the directives of UAE President HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to ensure the climate for constructive cooperation between national educational institutions to serve the country and its people.

He added that CIAS in Dubai is following the directives of the Chairman of the CIAS Board of Trustees Mr Juma Al Majid to meet the needs of the community and the labour market.

He stated that Juma Al Majid has provided free education and transportation to enrolled students since the launch of the programme in 2013 and added that the college is currently organizing the graduation of the first batch consisting of 355 female graduates from Dubai and Fujairah on December 15. The college also admitted 333 female students.

The CIAS is working on signing cooperation agreements with over 71 government and private institutions to provide them with suitable employment opportunities.

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