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HCT celebrates ‘Digital Campus’ concept becoming a successful reality

22 March 2020, Dubai, UAE: As part of the Digital Campus initiative, the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) inaugurated its e-learning activities with approximately 23,000 students pursuing their online studies remotely – providing Uber-like education which allows the provision of education as a service to students anywhere and anytime.

1,200 faculty members conducted online classes remotely from various locations in accordance with their work requirements. During the first day, 2,100 classes were conducted as per the approved regular schedules and 37,000 online connections were made.

In monitoring the online learning operations for both students and faculty, Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, President and CEO of the Higher Colleges of Technology, said that HCT is proud its vision and plans have come to fruition, turning the HCT digital campus concept into an effective reality.

HCT students are now privileged to receive education from home as a service while teachers are providing this service from anywhere, whether on campus or off campus, based on their circumstances and needs.

He attributed this remarkable success to the intensive efforts dedicated over previous years to ensure readiness and staying abreast of the latest developments, confronting any challenges or changes that may arise.

He further praised HCT students for their excellence, awareness and high sense of responsibility proven during the pilot stage of online learning and at the time of actual implementation today.

HCT students demonstrated serious commitment to attending online classes and the 37,000 online connections they made reflect their positive interaction with this e-learning experience.

HCT has developed the student portal as an interactive platform that provides students with the extra-curricular activities, guidelines and services that are usually provided on campus.

Dr. Al Shamsi further praised HCT faculty for their active interaction and efficiency, and especially the commitment of 39 faculty members who conducted online classes from overseas due to the travel ban measures taken recently.

Dr. Al Shamsi added that a student manual and a faculty manual were issued to provide all the information needed on the digital campus, as well as tips to benefit from this experience – in addition to all the laws and regulations governing online learning so as to ensure commitment and effectiveness of work.

He emphasized that online education is not merely limited to the availability of networks and laptops. Rather, it is a comprehensive learning experience for students and faculty that is dependent on a highly efficient digital infrastructure and advanced training for students and faculty, whilst leveraging the available technological resources to provide an interactive exciting content to students and maintaining quality of instruction.

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