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ADMC Celebrates Students’ Entries in Best mGovernment Service Award

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced the Best mGovernment Service Award initiative in May 2013 to further realize the UAE’s vision of providing services to people wherever they are and at any time.

The mGovernment, or Mobile Government, initiative utilizes mobile phones, mobile devices, tablets and other advanced technological tools to deliver services and information to the public, primarily in the form of smart mobile Apps.

At the inaugural awards ceremony in 2014 an appreciation award was presented to the Higher Colleges of Technology for submitting the largest number of Applications (43).

The Computer Information Science (CIS) students at the HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s College (ADMC) enjoyed taking part in the mobile government competition for two years since the launch of the competition. In spite of the long hours and late nights the students put a lot of time and effort working on the mobile Apps.

Often scratching their heads for new ideas, solving problems and trying out new ways of doing things the students found their experience to be rewarding, interesting and an amazing learning opportunity that added a lot of value to their educational journey.

As the current semester is drawing to a close the students and their projects supervisor Mr Arif Al Nahdi were very thrilled to learn about the prestigious certificates that were issued to the students from the Prime Minister's Office.

Dr Hamad Odhabi, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Computer Information Science, and Mr Mohammed Al- Marzouqi, Head of Services at ADMC, recently presented the awards to the students in the presence of Mrs Rula Kayyali, CIS Chair at ADMC, and Mr Arif Al Nahdi, the Applications Development programme leader at ADMC, as well as all other faculty and staff members at the CIS Faculty at ADMC.

The ADMC students who were recognized at the college ceremony were:

  • Ahmed Ali Al Hammadi
  • Faisal Saleh Al Ameri
  • Husain Abdulwahab Al Ali
  • Ibraheem Yousef Al Hosani
  • Mohamed Ahmed Bamaabad
  • Rashed Saeed Al Mazrooei
  • Yaqoob Yousef Almansoori
  • Yaser Husain Alhosani

ADMC Best mGov pic2


The students participated in the mGovernment initiative by developing six smart mobile Apps for the government entities of the Ministry of Education, Insurance Authority, Ministry of Health, General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments and the Ministry of Interior.

In addition to the smart mobile Apps, all the students worked on making a video for their App, demonstrating the use cases of App and its benefits for users.

The “Inspection” and “Mahami” mobile Apps were developed for the Insurance Authority to help it select inspectors and inform client insurance companies about inspection dates and duties. The second also allows insurance companies to see feedback written by inspectors.

The “eSchool” mobile App was developed for the Ministry of Education and allows parents and teachers to communicate. It allows parents to see their children grades and performance. Parents can follow up with teachers instantly in regard to any issue related to students’ performance.

The “Health Indicators” mobile App was developed for the Ministry of Health and provides users with some health measures such as the BMI once the user enters some details such weight, height, and waist.

The “Adhkar” mobile App was developed for the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and displays Adhkar for different times of the day.

Despite working on a very short schedule to develop the mobile Apps for the government agencies, on top of full load of classes, the students learned a lot from solving many challenges to provide operational mobile Apps to their clients.

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