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HCT-Abu Dhabi Colleges Join in Promotions for Expo 2020 Dubai

The HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s and Women’s Colleges (ADMC and ADWC), and the HCT- Khalifa City Women’s College (KCWC), this week helped launch a campaign to promote the activities of Expo 2020 Dubai.

The promotional events, which were the first ones held at UAE educational institutions, were attended by 1200 male and female students from the HCT-Abu Dhabi Colleges, faculty and staff for the global exposition which is held every five years in different cities around the world. The first Expo was held in London in 1851, and was known as the Great Exhibition.

Expo 2020 Dubai spokesman Moosa Al Hashimi said it will be the first time the world Expo will be held in the MENA region and South Asia.

The excitement generated by the Expo will be magnified as it will also be an occasion to celebrate the UAE’s 50th National Day (Golden Jubilee), as well as allowing for the development of a futuristic sustainable vision for the coming decades.

Expo 2020 Dubai will be held from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021 and is expected to attract 25 million visits, 70 per cent of which will be from overseas.  It will be held under the theme of “Connecting minds creating the future”, which reflects the spirit of cooperation and innovation that led to Dubai’s prosperity.

Dr Sultan Karmostaji, Director of the HCT-Abu Dhabi Colleges, affirmed the national commitment of HCT students who are eager to participate in the most vital national, economic and social event from its creation up to its inauguration in 2020.

“This event will leave vivid memories for years to come following its ending and it will have a positive impact on students’ competencies and skills development. This event is aligned with HCT goals and its applied Learning by Doing philosophy,” he added.

Dr Karmostaji expressed great pride in the remarkable achievements of the UAE which led to its selection as Expo 2020 host, and encouraged students to participate as volunteers in Expo 2020 to proudly represent their country.

Georgio Ungania, Senior Manager of Expo 2020 Dubai, explained to the students the Expo’s bid process, history and its journey, emphasizing the positive roles for HCT and other educational institutions in supporting Expo 2020 Dubai.


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