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Emirati artist Noor Al Suwaidi runs hands-on fine art workshops at Madinat Zayed & Ruwais Colleges

Thanks to Abu Dhabi Arts and Music Foundation (ADMAF) Madinat Zayed and Ruwais colleges welcomed Emirati Artist Noor Al Suwaidi for two painting workshops with eager students.

Noor is a very talented painter and curator and enthused the students with her energy and her passion for her work.

As well as running the learning by doing practical session, Noor spoke to the students about the Theory of Colour, especially its emotions and psychological properties.

“I hadn’t realized how colours can be used to express temperature and feeling,” said Sara Abdulaziz. “This workshop has made me look at paintings in a different way.”

“We looked at some of her work, it was so full of colours and feeling,” said Ghazal Ali.

ADMAF 6Noor encouraged the students to create their own work of art, using figurative and abstract designs, thinking carefully about the interaction of the colours and the shapes as well as considering the emotional impact of the finished art work.  Once they had begun their own work, the students had a better idea of the theory and also of the skill involved in producing a work of art.

ADMAF 1Born in 1981, Noor grew up in Abu Dhabi and studied both in UAE and abroad.  Now an established artist on the national and world stage, she has many exhibitions to her credit.  She was so happy to be able to work with the students and pass on some of her knowledge and her ideas about art.

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