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DWC Alumnae Make Important Contributions to College’s Industry Week

The HCT-Dubai Women’s College’s (DWC) Alumnae Association members made significant contributions to the success of the college’s recent Industry Week where they acted as inspirational role models for the DWC students.

The Alumnae Association members interacted with the DWC students and engaged in very lively and motivating discussions on how the students could plan their futures, boost their employability skills, and stand out from the crowd in the competitive UAE jobs market.

The graduates’ participation included showcasing and promoting the wide variety of opportunities they have in their current organization for students, such as employment and career progression programmes and work placement options. Furthermore, the various alumnae continued the Association’s successful relationship with DWC students by providing them with real, valuable insights about their various industry sectors. This in turn sparked great interest in the students to pursue careers with the alumnae upon graduation.

Nourah Al Jaflah, one of DWC graduates who participated in the event and who is a current member of the DWC Alumnae Association, said: “It was a great pleasure for me to participate in this event; it benefits the students as well as me as an employee in DEWA to share my industry’s update, and to contribute my time for the students as I was in their place and needed someone to guide me to a successful career.”

Seham Al Falahi, Head of Finance at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) and who is also a member of the Alumnae Association, said: “My participation was to educate college students and to help them to understand that they need to take into account the labour market when choosing a scientific specialist track. We as the Alumnae board's members should participate in all events held under the umbrella of the Higher Colleges of Technology as part of paying back to the college which educated us previously.”

"I was pleased to meet a group of graduates and college students,” Seham added.

Aaesha Hareb, a new Alumnae member who is working in the First Gulf Bank, said: “The event was a great opportunity for me to meet students of DWC and understanding their goals and the obstacles that there are afraid of. As a graduate it was such an honour for me to guide and advise the students on their career path and I was very excited to meet other graduate students who shared with me some knowledge about their career. It was such a great experience and I hope to see more.”

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