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Dubai Men’s College’s Career Center organises Programme Choice Day

Dubai Men’s College's Careers department, in collaboration with the college's Academic Services department and its faculties, organised a Programme Choice Day today.

The purpose of this event was to share valuable information about programme choices with 175 Foundation Programme fourth-level students where making decisions regarding their future education and careers is a major milestone at this time of year.

All the programmes available at Dubai Men’s College were presented to the students, with programme content and employment opportunities in line with market demands being shared by Programme Chairs and faculty.

The students will soon choose their Bachelor majors based on a full knowledge of each discipline after they had participated in the day and listened to explanations about the nature of study in the various Bachelor programmes.

DMC career center supervisor, Rabia Bekhazi confirmed the importance of guiding and educating students to choose the right majors which qualify them to successfully plan their future.

“This event aimed to make students appreciate the importance of gaining information and understanding the content of programmes prior to making sound decisions that will have a positive impact on their College life, experiences and future,” Rabia said.

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