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Dubai Media Inc. and HCT Join Forces to Prepare Media Students for Success

Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) and HCT have signed a memorandum of cooperation to qualify national talents in the media industry, offering valuable hands-on training prospects for students and facilitating employment opportunities for graduates.

The agreement was signed by DMI CEO Mohammed Sulaiman Al Mulla and HCT President & CEO Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan.

The parties will collaborate in the creation of specialized media programs aligned with international standards and curricula, and work on the improvement of curricula and educational/training programs, equipping trainees with practical skills and hands-on experience. Additionally, they will cooperate in organizing conferences, seminars, and educational/training initiatives that explore the latest advancements and best practices in areas of shared interest.

Mohammed Al Mulla said the agreement aims to offer specialized practical training opportunities to students within DMI and its subsidiaries, providing employment prospects for graduates and job opportunities for students who have completed vocational training programs with DMI.

Mr. Al Mulla emphasized the escalating significance of the media due to its multifaceted roles on national and international scales, as well as its impact on individuals and society, highlighting the necessity of continuously formulating strategic perspectives regarding the role and responsibilities of the media, along with the mechanisms required to fulfill them.

Al Mulla announced the launch of DMI’s comprehensive training and qualification program called "360", which aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of Emirati media students across universities and colleges in the country by incorporating workshops, activities, and practical study tours that take place at DMI's TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, platforms, and websites.

Recently, in collaboration with HCT, DMI selected 10 exceptional students to participate in this initiative. These students were provided with a ten-day immersive experience comprising scientific and practical tours and courses. The program encompassed cutting-edge media theories, modern technologies, practical workshops, field visits, and hands-on professional exercises. During their participation, the students directly engaged in various forms of media work within DMI's television channels, broadcasts, news center, newspapers, websites, and affiliated platforms.

The "360" program offered students a unique chance to create media content, engage in live sessions, and participate in direct dialogues, enabling them to acquire essential skills in crafting captivating media materials, such as editing engaging content and creating appealing short videos, as well as host television and radio programs and expertise in news editing and presentation skills.

Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan praised the collaboration, which aligns with the fundamental role of HCT in delivering high-quality, hands-on education centered around practical and professional experience. He emphasized the significance of enhancing this approach by providing optimal field training opportunities for students, through cooperation and partnerships with business and community organizations. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between students and the dynamic labor market, enabling them to excel in future professional roles, he said.

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