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DMC students undergo specialised fitness programmes

The Dubai Men's College has recently conducted programmes of physical fitness for 700 freshmen students in the Foundation Programme to monitor their health and wellbeing.

The programmes were also designed to interest students in various sports, according to their  needs and health.

Dr Saoud Al Mulla, Director of the Dubai HCT, said that the interest in the health of students is part of the curriculum, supervised by trainers and teachers with wide experience in managing specialised sports programmes, where students can increase their  vitality and mental activity.

"We are keen this year to increase physical guidance programmes for students after the great success of this experience in the Higher Colleges of Technology over the past years. Besides relying on the traditional sports curriculum, we added extracurricula classes which rely on the students' desire to take advantage of the highly equipped sports halls and the highly expert trainers who are able to design fitness programs according to the needs of each case," he said.

DMC Supervisor of Athletics, Issam Barakat, said that a dedicated team of expert trainers is constantly working to develop fitness programmes, and designing advanced courses for some cases that require intensified exercises to get them healthy.

Mr. Barakat revealed that Dubai Men's College had made agreements with internationally renowned sports academies to train students on sports, soccer, swimming, tennis, martial arts. These agreements take into account the students' need to learn professional knowledge in some sports to widen the scope of their hobbies in the future.

He also emphasised that the rate of students desiring to practise sports with the start of the new academic year had increased from last year in some sports, and that the numbers registered to take advantage of the fitness programs are higher than years before.

Dubai Men's College provides students with information about healthy food, the right quantities in each meal, and the proper ways to choose a meal appropriate for young people;  all for the purpose of reaching the main goal which is students with high physical fitness.

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