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Community Development Authority donates AED1 million to DWC

The Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai has signed a memorandum of Understanding with the Higher Colleges of Technology whereby the CDA will donate AED1 million to the Dubai Women’s College.

The donation is part of supporting students who are on a low income budget, covering their transportation and food fees and promoting higher education within the framework of social responsibility towards local institutions in the Emirate of Dubai.

After completing the signing ceremony His Excellency Khaled Al Kamda, Director General of the CDA, was escorted on a tour to the Applied Communications building where he enjoyed a number of videos that have been produced by the students and that tackle important social issues in the community.

Mr. Al Kamda said: "Education is one of the major development sectors in the emirate, and CDA is keen to support it. The donation is a reaffirmation of CDA’s responsibility to the society and Dubai to provide financial and human resources to support and empower the local community."

"CDA is committed to link with all institutions, local as well as federal, and especially the leading higher education institutions in the UAE, through developing joint initiatives that would support the educational process," Mr. Al Kamda added.

"The Community Development Authority plays a vital role in promoting social empowerment in the emirate of Dubai, and it is an honour for the Higher Colleges of Technology – Dubai to partner with them. Together we will enrich and empower the lives of many young Emiratis and their families," said Dr Howard Reed, Director of DWC.

The Community Development Authority in Dubai has a sharp focus on launching initiatives and programmes to develop local talent and provide an opportunity for young Emirati men and women to advance their skills and careers. Special emphasis is given to offering these initiatives and programmes in a professional and inspiring environment so as to enhance productivity among Emiratis and encourage them to involve in community service.

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