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Business Students Learn Best Employee Motivation Techniques from flydubai

A group of HCT-Dubai Women’s College (DWC) Year-3 Business students visited the head offices of flydubai where they learnt about human resource-based techniques on keeping staff motivated and engaged.

The students met with Mr. Hamad Obaidalla (Chief Commercial Officer),  Mr. Mohammed Hareb (Vice President Procurement), Mr. Nils Hamsa (Head of Recruitment), Mr. Mohammed Alsalmi (Emiratization Senior Recruitment Officer), Ms. Melina Harb and Mr. Ali Al Banna (HR Specialists).

The meeting started with a short pop quiz creating a fun environment before transitioning into a brainstorming session about the best techniques the company can use for increasing employees' motivation.

Students learnt about the importance of employee empowerment and inclusion strategies, as well as the influence of knowledge and expertise in shaping employee behaviour and performance in flydubai.

During the interactive presentation by Ms. Harb and Mr. Mohammed Alsalmi, students learnt about the company history, vision and mission including the strategies used in flydubai for creating engaged workforce.  The HR representatives talked about the available internship programmes and provided students with detailed information on work placements and the requirements sought when recruiting new graduates. Students were also introduced to flydubai’s graduate programme.

Mr. Mohammed Hareb, Vice President Procurement, also shared his incredible career path and talked about the reasons why he chose to work for flydubai. Mr. Nils Hamsa emphasized the company’s focus on linking the passionate talent with the right career opportunities.

The company uses a variety of trainee development methods including job rotation and mentorship to assist the new employee in making the right career choice in the company. A focus on employee motivation is one of the company’s main goals and is an avenue for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Mr. Obaidalla talked about the challenges that arise in the continually changing business environment such as the aviation industry and shared with students interesting facts about flydubai and its aircraft. He spoke to the students about flydubai’s corporate social responsibility policies and how the company has contributed to community development.

The visit was very beneficial to the Business students in terms of establishing contacts for potential work placements and/or job opportunities; learning about the best practices in recruitment, employee motivation and engagement; and on methods for creating a company’s sustainable advantage in the fast-changing aviation industry.

In addition, the discussions with the flydubai representatives increased students’ awareness of job opportunities in Dubai and jobs overall. It also assisted them in making their programme major choices. They now have a better understanding of the linkage between Human Resource Management (HRM) and business success in organizations.

As Dr. Syed stated: “At HCT-Dubai Colleges we value the importance of linking industry with academia and such hands-on activities can add real value in competency building for our students.”

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