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Al Ain Women’s College students feed local workers

Community Service students at Al Ain Women’s College recently packed and distributed 100 meals for workers who work inside the college and at outside venues.

Two buses left the college at 10.30am carrying students, teacher Zainab Al Hussaini and a college worker. Students were looking for street cleaners, building site workers and other outdoor workers around Al Ain City.

When they spotted a street work or workers on a building site, the students got off the bus gave the workers the hand-packed meals. Every student that took part in this worthy event felt great satisfaction for being able to contribute to the local community, especially towards those who work in difficult environments. Additionally, this event helped to build a stronger bond between all members of the society.


This event is an ongoing event; there will be another feed the worker event happening in December plus many more other community work carried out by the community service students at Al Ain Women’s College.

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