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ADWC Students Leverage Social Media to Promote Gulf Traffic Week

One Hundred and sixty students from the HCT-Abu Dhabi and Khalifa City Women’s Colleges (ADWC & KCWC) utilized social media hashtags to promote the importance of the 32nd Gulf Traffic Week, organized by the Traffic Department of Abu Dhabi Police.

The students actively participated at a HCT stand erected at the Yas Mall, which is hosting the awareness campaign until March 18, by sending awareness messages to the public using a hashtag on the HCT official social media account entitled “Your decision determines your destiny”.

Dr Adel Al Ameri, HCT Deputy Vice Chancellor for Strategy and Communications and ADWC/KCWC Director, emphasized the importance of this key annual event and HCT’s keenness to participate in it as part of its community responsibility, especially that it is targeted at youth.

With a major target audience for the campaign being UAE youth, the HCT is raising awareness among its 24,000 male and female students of the importance of safe driving.

ADWC Gulf Traffic Week2

Dr Al Ameri added that in addition to sending awareness messages, the HCT set up a booth for children featuring recreational awareness activities. This will coincide with organizing activities at the HCT Abu Dhabi colleges where awareness messages will be sent throughout March and April to ensure maximum benefit for students.

Dr Al Ameri praised the efforts of the Ministry of Interior and their Traffic departments, particularly their continuous actions to raise community awareness, especially among youth, regarding the dangers on the roads and the importance of safe driving.

He said these endeavours have contributed to reducing traffic-related deaths, and he stressed the vital role of parents and community institutions in instilling traffic safety values among individuals.

The ADWC students expressed their pleasure at participating in this awareness event, considering it as part of their community service responsibilities.

Khawla Al Tamimi said that the Gulf Traffic Week is an opportunity to warn youth of the dangers of reckless driving, as many young people view driving as a fun game, which leads to reckless driving, injuries and fatal accidents.

Afraa Al Mansoori said that she did volunteer work in Traffic week and views her participation as a community service opportunity. She explained that from the HCT booth in the Yas Mall the students use social media to send videos and posters, as well as direct communications with individuals from different nationalities and age groups.

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