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ADWC Applied Communications Students go ‘Beyond’ to Showcase Creative Flair

The HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s College (ADWC) recently held the opening of its Applied Communications graduating projects exhibition with an evening of displays and creative shows.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Beyond’ is a celebration of the past, but with a focus on the future. The evening was formally opened with a welcome speech from Abu Dhabi Colleges Director Sultan Hussain Karmostaji, following an introduction to the event and an explanation of the choice of name from students Dalal Al Aberi and Hessa Al Nuaimi.

The welcome speeches were followed by the screening of a number of short films produced by the students, which were enthusiastically received by an appreciative packed house.

The shorts ranged from the very serious to comedy, and covered a number of topics including the challenges that face artists in the UAE; a documentary about Nala Al Fahad the film maker; and three children who appear to be begging in the street. In creating their works, the students utilised a variety of film techniques which they had learned during their studies.

Following the filming, students and visitors moved to the exhibition areas to see the displays of art and graphics, and to mingle and talk to the students about the works. Visitors even had the chance to take photographs with some of the films’ young stars, and to see an exquisite fashion parade.

[caption id="attachment_23854" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Image shwoing Abu Dhabi Colleges Director viewing student artworks Abu Dhabi Colleges Director views student artworks[/caption]

Students Zamzam Almarzooqi was the overall organiser of the exhibition and Amal Ali Alhammadi and Hamda Alqubaisi designed the graphics. Zamzam said: “The ‘Beyond’ exhibition was a chance for the students to show their best work. We’ve worked on our projects for 6 months, and now you’ve seen 12 short films and 12 artworks in photography and graphic design. We are proud of what we do.”

“For me the exhibition was great, because my classmates and I managed it well, and we got very good feedback about the films and the exhibition in general,” Zamzam added.

[caption id="attachment_23855" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Image showign visitors as they view the artworks in the exhibition area Visitors view the artworks in the exhibition area[/caption]

The results of the students’ projects form part to their portfolio, along with other works that they have completed during their college career, and will help them as they look for work in the media, marketing and communication sectors.

College Director Sultan Hussain Karmostaji said “This is a showcase of the next generation of Emirati talent as the students launch themselves and their creative ability into the working world.”

“Tonight we have seen some spectacular work with very professional finishing, and can see out students flourishing in their media careers,” he added.

[caption id="attachment_23856" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Image shwoing organising student Zamzam Al Marzouqi in front of student Organising student Zamzam Al Marzouqi in front of student Khulood Ishaq’s display[/caption]


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