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Academic Leadership Forum Details HCT’s 5-Year Strategic Plan

The HCT recently hosted “Best practices in academic leadership” forums for its academic leaders to enable them to fully understand the HCT’s five-year strategic plan.

The forums, for Executive Deans, Academic Division and Department heads and college directors, comprised of a wide array of specialized workshops discussing best international academic leadership practices that could apply to HCT’s future directions.

Inaugurating the forums Dr Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT Vice Chancellor, said HCT’s new strategy highlights the role of academic leaders, as strategic partners, in developing effective plans that support HCT’s future vision, which aims to be the labour market’s number one choice for graduates.

He said the forums are part of HCT’s efforts to increase the academic and administrative leaders’ knowledge and understanding of the new strategy, as well as to introduce them to best international practices in academic leadership that will enhance their role in achieving the strategy’s goals and implementing annual operational plans.

The forums were convened to enhance the leadership and planning skills and competencies of all Executive Deans, Programme Chairs, Department Managers and College Directors.

Dr Al Shamsi explained that the new HCT strategy includes four strategic approaches, designed to lead institutional change and ensure quality, being:

  • Faculty competence
  • Providing quality and flexible programmes and curricula that meet the labour market requirements
  • Approving standardized education criteria across all HCT campuses and
  • Providing a motivating and sustainable learning environment that promotes student performance at all levels

Dr Kenneth Steven Paul, from the George Mason University, spoke about the best international academic and administrative practices and addressed the common challenges facing academic leaders in educational institutions, especially those focusing on technology.

Dr Ahmed Samy, HCT Director of Strategic Planning, said the forums would elaborate on the HCT’s new five-year strategic plan and its development, as well as expanding channels of effective integrated communication between the Executive Deans, Programme Chairs and College Directors to enable them to play a key role in achieving the annual operational plans.

Dr. Ahmed Seifelnasr, Academic Advisor to the Vice Chancellor, said the forum workshops focused on five essential specialized training themes:

  • Preparation of strategic and operational plans
  • Development and revision of the academic programmes
  • Academic accreditation
  • Development of leadership competencies of heads of academic divisions, and
  • The academic responsibilities of Executive Deans
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