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Abu Dhabi Colleges support Flag Raising Day

Students and Faculty at the Higher Colleges of Technology’s Abu Dhabi Colleges  supported the recent initiative by H.H. Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, to raise the UAE flag in unison across the country, to demonstrate loyalty to the President and the country for UAE Flag Day on November 6.

The Abu Dhabi Colleges joinedin with all of the HCT campuses in celebrating the occasion. The HCT Chancellor, H.E. Mohammad Omran Al Shamsi, celebrated by raising the flag at the Al Ain Colleges.

Students and staff from the Abu Dhabi Colleges decorated the main entrances with national flags and symbols to set the scene, while national music was played. Hundreds of students assembled with enthusiasm, each bearing a small UAE flag.

In keeping with the allotted time of 12 noon, the National Anthem was played as students, staff and visitors proudly looked on. Student Representative Council leaders read out the flag oath, which was repeated by students and staff.

H.H. Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has called for a campaign to mark Flag Day as a national event and encourage all Emiratis to hoist the flag in participation. Flag Day is to mark the occasion of the accession of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan as President of the UAE.

Sheikh Mohammad also called for all federal departments and ministries to simultaneously hoist the flag at noon on November 6 as a symbol of unification of the UAE flag across all its land and buildings.

The UAE flag is a symbol of the country, its independence, unity and national pride. It represents a facet of the UAE National identity; the values of loyalty, belonging respect and glory for the homeland; and inspiration for giving, progress and looking forward to the future. The flag was first raised by Sheikh Zayed, in December 1971 on the union of the Emirates and the founding of the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Colleges Director Sultan Hussain Karmostaji stated that he was proud of his people and nation, and that it was heartening to see all of our students so warmly and enthusiastically celebrating this significant occasion at the colleges. He added that the UAE flag symbolises what it is to be Emirati and united.

[caption id="attachment_19386" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Students and staff at Abu Dhabi Men’s College unite to raise the UAE Flag. Students and staff at Abu Dhabi Men’s College unite to raise the UAE Flag.[/caption]

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