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AAMC Foundations Students Show Teamwork & Leadership Skills at Sports Day

The HCT-Al Ain Men's College (AAMC) hosted its annual Sports Day on Wednesday, March 5.

This event was organised as a multi-disciplinary, inter-faculty competition that provided students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to interact in an enjoyable, relaxing and cooperative extra-curricular environment.

Despite a brave performance from their rivals – Business, CIS, Engineering & CERT – the AAMC Foundations students triumphed to secure the overall winner title at the Sports Day 2013-14.

AAM Foundations Sports Day - Chess

The Foundations students took part in seven sporting activities which included football, volleyball, table tennis, billiards, chess, darts, and "baby football", or Babyfoot. The overall points awarded to the Foundations team were 42 and the placing for each activity was

Sport Position
Babyfoot  1st place
Chess  1st place
Darts  1st place
Football  2nd place
Table tennis  2nd place
Billiards  3rd place
Volleyball  4th place


AAMC Foundations Sports Day Winners - March 2014

The day was a great example of how sport can help Foundations students bond. It also a stage for the students to demonstrate for an impressive display of leadership skills.

Jon Orthmann, AAMC General Studies Programme Chair, joined the teams for the presentation ceremony. After medals and trophies had been collected, the students and faculty celebrated their teams’ successes with a barbecue lunch in the campus courtyard.

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