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Startup Name: Drxnes
Founders: Fahad Saeed Ahmed and Mohamed Alzarooni

DrXnes is a drone solution provider based in Dubai, focusing on the customization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for any industry. One of the first successful projects was Quick Responder, a Fire Fighting Drone designed to access dangerous locations faster and assist emergency systems in extinguishing fires. The company has established a workshop at HCT-Dubai Men's campus and is preparing for several commercial pilot projects.

Startup Name: eFATE
Founders: Mohamed Al Hammadi

E-Fate is a specialized company in managing and collecting electronic waste building a link between the e-waste producers (private and corporate consumers) and the recycling companies. In a 2019 four-week pilot campaign 1,100 kg of e-waste was collected, and the target for 2021 was to collect and process 100 tons of e-waste. E-Fate secured a partnership with Dubai Sustainable City and has successfully placed its first collection container within the Sustainable City community. E-Fate has secured a pilot project with the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, one of the region’s most renowned conglomerates.

Startup Name: SORA
Founders: Khaled Al Sbahi

Sora is a ‘delivery of the future’ company seeking to be the leading pioneer in advanced delivery transportation technology. It is working on the development of a Smart Autonomous ecosystem of PMBs (Personal Mail Boxes)

Startup Name: Shifa App
Founders: Alya Alloghani

Shifa App is creating awareness for patients about radiology procedures. The App provides the consent form and all necessary information online needed before, during and after the scan. This will benefit patients where they will arrive at the radiology department, knowing they have the full information needed for a scan.

Startup Name: e-Bakery
Founders: Ahmed Shaya

e-Bakery seeks to revolutionize the way consumers shop for their baked goods. Through a digital platform, consumers can enjoy high-quality foods from multiple bakeries and indulge in freshly baked bread, rolls, pastries, muffins and more. e-Bakery focuses on providing outstanding service by enabling customers not only to choose from multiple suppliers with a seamless payment experience, but also to manage details of the order, delivery details and special requests.

Startup Name: Kanz Art
Founders: Ali Nowais

Kanz Art is a platform and a community for artists to introduce their artwork and masterpieces to people across the booming art community and business landscape. Our vision is to enable access between artists, curators, collaborators and the whole community in the region and internationally.

Startup Name: Dojang
Founders: Mariam Alzarooni

Dojang is one of the first Emirati pioneers in Taekwondo-related activities, providing personal training services, rehabilitation training courses for fast & agile sports, as well as sessions to maintain physical health through martial arts.

Startup Name: The Hive
Founders: Mohammad Yasin

The Hive is a professional training institute in Dubai, delivering truly unparalleled learning and training experiences to students and professionals. The Hive partners with corporate companies and individuals to address their unique needs by providing training and coaching that helps them to achieve their career and business goals.

Startup Name: Choice Board
Founders: Khawla Hammadi

A platform built on user engagement via interactive tools such as mobiles and tablets, that aims to support both educators and pupils in enhancing their educational journey. It helps students to practice various types of activities and develop their presentation and oral skills.

Startup Name: Cartel
Founders: Hamdan Alhammadi

Cartel is a European car auto repair shop located in Abu Dhabi. Cartel’s mission is to provide a high quality service to all customers, in addition to being one of the most organized and clean workshops in the region.

Startup Name: DBAN
Founders: Saeed Alshemeili

Dban offers affordable and high quality perfumes with unique gift ideas. They provide high quality perfumes at affordable prices, unique product packaging for each customer, personalized gifting and home delivery services

Startup Name: DevA+
Founders: Shatha Ahmed

DevA+ development company offers the best services in website designing, mobile App development, e-commerce solutions, custom software development and ERP solutions.