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Virtual Showcase – HCT Startups

Startup Name: 3D Printing & Design

Founders: Abdulla Khalid Alsuwaidi, Essa Salem, Mohammed Tayeb

3Design & Printing introduces a revolutionary way to design futuristic buildings using 3D printing and optimized topology. It focuses on unique patterns and designs to minimize the amount of materials utilized and more ensures low thermal conductivity of the walls while preserving structural strength.

Startup Name: Abakofi

Founders: Mohammad Saif Al Marri

Abakofi provides specialty coffee subscriptions through an e-commerce platform to people who enjoy drinking specialty coffee on a frequent basis. Abakofi carefully chooses a selection of a wide variety of more single-origin coffee beans roasted in UAE and other countries.

Startup Name: Cyberhero

Founders: Shamma Bin Hammad, Khalifa Alsuwaidi, Hessa Alblooshi, Hanan Bin Yousef

Cyberhero is a formal awareness program, aimed at training users of the potential threats to an organization’s information and data, and how to avoid potential risks. Its goals are to lower the organization’s more attack surface, empower users to take personal responsibility for protecting the organization’s information, and to enforce the organization’s policies and procedures to protect data.

Startup Name: eFATE

Founders: Mohammed Alhamadi , Ibrahim Saeed, Mohammed Saleh

E-Fate is a specialized company in managing and collecting e-waste and aims to achieve sustainability, as well as save the environment by building a link between the e-waste consumers and the recyclers. more E-Fate will support in placing the UAE as a leader in the field of recycling. In a 2019 four-week pilot campaign 1,100kg of e-waste was collected, and the target for 2020 is to collect and process 100 tons of e-waste.

Startup Name: El Ward Collection

Founders: Eman Hassan Ali

El Ward Collection is a high-quality, customized Abaya production company, providing a very flexible service and experience for abaya lovers. Using an e-commerce platform, social media, as well as the more personalized showroom customized services will be offered to customers. El Ward is shipping across the UAE, Middle Eastern countries, and Europe.

Startup Name: Fokuro Production

Founders: Abdullah Almarzooqi

Fokuro is a one-stop-shop for media production, providing complete media services to customers. Fokuro aims to be the leader in providing social media advertising, marketing, videography, photography, more animation, design, and high-quality pictures for products and services. Fokuro provides the best services in advertisement using the latest technology for graphics and videos.

Startup Name: Healthy Touch

Founders: Abdalla Alzarooni, Adnan Abdalla and Amira Al-Aamri

Healthy Touch was established to make the recovery journey easier and safer for all patients. Our smart medicine box reminds patients to take their medications on-time and prevents any overdose or more complications from occurring. Also, it enables doctors and hospitals to monitor and track the medicine intake of their patients.

Startup Name: Match My Skin

Founders: Noura Alzarooni, Asma Alsuwaidi and Mariam Alzarooni

Match My Skin is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) & Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application for the cosmetics & skin care industry. The technology aims to find the most suitable foundation matching more the user’s skin type, displaying skincare products as well as cosmetics. Customers can navigate and purchase different brands at different price ranges, as per the suitable market demands.

Startup Name: Pieces of Happiness

Founders: Salamah Alshamsi

Pieces Of Happiness provides a premium custom-made chocolate with different options and innovative designs. Premium chocolate is here to cater to your special occasion, whether it is for a birthday more party or the birth of a newborn.

Startup Name: Washing Space Smart Apps

Founders: Sara Ali and Reem Ali

Washing Space Smart Apps is an online laundry marketplace. The service includes door-to-door laundry services. The value proposition provided is ensuring quick service, fast delivery, reasonable price and more traceability within a defined area. Using this technology, the marketplace will aggregate laundry service providers allowing customers to choose from a range of service-rated laundry businesses, creating a more efficient business model for a saturated industry.

Startup Name: Additive Health

Founders: Sayed Yousuf Alhashmi, Haleema Ali

Additive Health provides 3D printing solutions to revolutionize healthcare by improving the work of doctors and patients’ quality of life. It provides 3D printed models, prostheses, casts, and more other rehabilitation devices customized for each patient. It also creates 3D printed equipment to support the fight against the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Founders: Shatha Alharmoodi, Hessa Altamimi and Shaikha Alshuweihi

Sentiment Analytics provides a powerful platform to collect, search and analyze Arabic social media content. A real time customized hub that enables users to find trends related to people and certain more events. Sentiment Analytics is the leading social media monitoring and competitive intelligence software, designed for brands and agencies who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insight-driven approach.

Startup Name: AMNK

Founders: Meera Alhebsi, Athra Alawani, Shiehka Alneaimi and Shamma Alalawi

AMNK is a revolutionary platform enabling you to book your emergency services with a push of a button. AMNK provides on-demand emergency services ranging from Police, Fire, Ambulance, and Saeed. Through more the App, users can send their location, reducing the time for emergency services to reach their destination.

Startup Name: ASBSS

Founders: Shamma Alyassi, Amira Aljaberi, Sara Alzarooni, Fatima Hadeed and Maryam Alraeesi

Adaptive Seat-Based Safety System is an intelligent design for high-speed vehicles providing a customized solution, as well as promoting the enhancement of the vehicle safety system, using a modified seat more system. The technology ensures that injuries are minimized (Chest, Abdominal, Neck, and Back) during high-speed accidents.

Founders: Shaikha Obaid, Amna Ibrahim, Aisha Abdulla, Sarah Hussain and Shikha Hamad

Autonomous aired vehicle-based cleansing system is an innovative technology for improving the performance of solar panels. Nowadays there is a vast growth in the energy sector shifting efforts towards more renewable energy to achieve a sustainable infrastructure. Solar panels are a main source for generating power which is effected by the accumulation of dust on the surface of panels. AAVB system is a cleaning station with multiple autonomous aired vehicles providing mobility and flying capability.

Startup Name: By.Maaryam

Founders: Maryam Ali Alhammadi

Emirati Fashion

Startup Name: Camellia Station

Founders: Abdullah Al marzooqi and Saood Alsuwaidi

Emirati coffee and karak

Startup Name: Cluch & Pouch

Founders: Fatema Alnuaimi

Clutch & Pouch is a sustainable fashion accessory brand. The startup uses fabric scrap from local tailor shops to produce fashionable laptop clutch carry bags.

Startup Name: Code 21

Founders: Reem Omar Alfalasi

Ready to wear products

Startup Name: Cotton Street

Founders: Nadeya Mohammad Albastaki

Abaya production company, providing service and experience for abaya lovers. Using an e-commerce platform, social media. Cotton Street is just starting and selling through social media.

Startup Name: Cozy Bag

Founders: Fatima Eisa, Meera Ali, Mezna Aljuraishi and Meera Ali

Cozy Bag provides smart travel luggage solutions. Finding a piece of luggage in a busy airport is a time consuming and frustrating endeavor. Cozy Bag uses smart location technology allowing customers to more locate their smart travel luggage. While manufacturers have made advancements in design and market, the industry has not adapted to new technologies. The Cozy Bag line of travel luggage is finally getting smarter, providing clients with connected suitcases.

Startup Name: CSBS

Founders: Ayesha Ahmed Al Shehhi

CSBS is a clean solar and wind, as well as off-grid system with an advanced switching technology that prioritizes shipping loads on boats matching the customer’s need. Off-grid clean energy allows extended more trip times of water vessels, while reducing energy consumption and operation cost by using a clean energy source. CSBS has a unique smart system that provides a safe and reliable backup system for emergency cases.

Startup Name: DICAX-D

Founders: Aamna Mohammed Saqr Alasam Alzaabi

Smart drone for cleaning high buildings

Startup Name: Digital Campus

Founders: Hiba Alaberi, Maitha Alshamsi, Fatima Alshamsi

Digital Campus is a mobile app that assists students and teachers to virtually commute through campus using a 3D navigation map. Future services include the ability for teachers and students to interact more virtually in a digital campus where skill-based competencies are delivered through a digital platform.

Startup Name: DNA Sequencing

Founders: Rasha Abousamra

DNA Sequencing

Startup Name: Drxnes

Founders: Fahad Saeed Alzarooni

DrXnes is a drone solution provider based in Dubai, focusing on the customization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for any industry. One of the first successful projects was Quick Responder – a Fire Fighting more Drone designed to access dangerous locations faster and assist emergency systems in extinguishing fires.

Startup Name: E3DU

Founders: Mohammad Alsuwaidi

E3DU is a platform to engage students and parents to upgrade their experience when it comes to educational life. Students will be able to manage their school activities and ease their interactions with each other more through slick and interactive features. Parents can view a report of their child’s progress throughout the week, overseeing most of the student’s choices, allowing them to help their children grow and prosper.

Startup Name: e-Bakery

Founders: Ahmed Shaya, Abdulla Shaya, Mayed Almarzooqi

E-Bakery seeks to revolutionize the way consumers do shop for their baked goods. Through their digital platform, consumers can enjoy high-quality foods from multiple bakeries, and indulge in freshly baked bread, more rolls, pastries, muffins, and more. Through a click of a button consumers can place an order without ever stepping foot out of their homes.

Startup Name: Electric Lane

Founders: Amal AlMheiri, Lamya AlHajeri and Asma Mohamad

Self-Configured Charging of Electric Vehicles using Electrified Roads

Startup Name: eRover

Founders: Mohammed Almatrooshi, Amel Alali and Omar Alnuaimi

E-Rover is a sustainable smart 3D printed budget-oriented and scalable explorer rover. It can be used for surveillance, as well as exploring small areas such as tunnels, wreckages, oil & gas exploration, more refineries, and leverages artificial intelligence to monitor the roads. The key features of the rover is video streaming, as well as taking pictures. The e-Rover has the ability to charge wirelessly through

Startup Name: Ever Dare

Founders: Zainab Murad, Alanood Almansoori, Fatema AlShehhi

Ever Dare is an adventure tracking software allowing customers and adventure services to track locations, vital signs, as well as a communication tool. Rather than an app to make your life easier, Ever more Dare is an app that makes your loved one’s lives easier. Using Ever Dare you can share a live map of your current location with people you select, and it will notify them if you don’t make it to your destination by the time you’re supposed to get there.

Startup Name: EyeContact

Founders: Hend AlNuaimi, Jawahir Maazmi and Shaima Aljneibi

EyeContact is a graphic design & advertising agency aiming to deliver impactful design solutions across digital, print marketing, 3D, and multimedia. A key feature is to provide a wide range of tailored more solutions for people with impaired color perception.

Startup Name: Gallant Pump

Founders: Sultan Alzarooni, Ahmed Ali, Shaik Hussain and Mahmoud Shihab

Gallant Pump offers a trouble-free operation in applications where fluids contain solid or suspended particles. Pumping organic molecules, biopolymers, proteins, or living cells require gentle and smooth more pumping. Knowing the requirements of the market, we have developed a gentle pump with all the necessary accessories to let our customers do their job and not worry about the pumping processes.

Startup Name: Global Secure Drones

Founders: Hessa Alowairedhi, Hind Bin Sanqoor, Rowdha Alblooshi

SimpleMode provides: online course (IT,programming,social development, online meeting, sell products of my brand, provide Quizzes and certification, helping in creating researchs and reports.

Startup Name: H.A. Events

Founders: Hamda Anwar Alyafei

H.A. Events is an event planning company that targets romantic occasions and is expanding to cover different types of events. The services include arranging hotel rooms in a romantic destination, provision more of candles, flowers, balloons, cakes, gifts, and other types of decorations based on the customer’s demand. H.A. Events is currently using social media to promote and receive bookings.

Startup Name: Happy 3D

Founders: Saeed Alawadhi

Happy 3D is enabling the nostalgic video games figure model collector’s ecosystem to flourish using 3D printing. Happy 3D is the marketplace for sentimental video game figure models and accessories.

Startup Name: Hulexo

Founders: N/A

Table lamps and accessories made out of recyclying old car doors.

Startup Name: HurryApp

Founders: Sayed Yousuf Alhashmi

Hurry App is a revolutionary platform enabling you to book your home services at a push of a button. Hurry App provides on-demand facility management, ranging from essential home maintenance services to morecar maintenance and cleaning – which is organized from the comfort of your home.

Startup Name: Hydroponics 2 Community

Founders: Noora Hassan and Ayesha Abdulqader

Smart Agriculture for Communities

Startup Name: Mandoob Motari

Founders: Khaled Musaed Alsabahi

Mandoob Motari is an online application where you can book your car towing service instantly, ensuring a high rate of satisfaction at a competitive price. Customers need not waste their time searching for more a car towing service, as Mandoob Motari will do the job by leveraging convenient technologies and providing a stress-free experience during a stressful situation.

Startup Name: My Pod

Founders: Amnah Yose, Sara Kazim, Aisha Hassa

3D printed afordable hostel

Startup Name: Nadya Graphics

Founders: Nadya Alblooshi

Nadya Design provides both, high quality graphic design and printing related services to its customers. Services are provided based on advanced technologies and best practices. Examples of the services are more advertisements, logo designs, gift cards, as well as printing.

Startup Name: OVP

Founders: Maitha Alshamsi, Sheikha Shaheen

OVP is an online system for valet parking reservations, connecting end-users to the best and the nearest valet parking companies. Services include public valet parking and as well as valet services for private more functions. A key feature of the services is valet companies are verified and rated by users based on their location and service performance.

Startup Name: Palmeto

Founders: Jawaher Abdulrahman Al Ahbabi

Cosmetics based on date seeds oil; possible byproduct to be used as animal feed

Startup Name: Park me

Founders: Maitha AlMarzouqi, Hind Darwish, Shahad Al-Ali and Dana Al-Ali

Park Me is a smart parking booking application system. Finding parking for most customers is a time-consuming endeavor. The Park Me application will make it much easier for the customer to book a parking space more in advance. It is an online parking system containing a software application, as well as hardware connections to reduce traffic in parking facilities and provide convenience to customers.

Startup Name: Real Time Notes

Founders: Simon Tesfatsion

Real Time Notes enables teachers and presenters to share notes with their students or audience. The goal is to help the audience or students to receive the full transcription of what is written on the board more in order to increase the attention span with the presenter. Real Time Notes speech to text service makes any audio and video searchable, editable, and shareable. We care about the moments that matter.

Founders: Aamna Mohammed Saqr Alasam Alzaabi

Art using Scrapped doors

Founders: N/A

Reuseable Bags Mobile Application is a first of its kind reusable bag program. Making it easier to reuse while helping to eliminate single-use plastic and paper bags. The program generates never before seen more reuse data, and you’ll never forget your bag again.

Startup Name: Savage

Founders: Hassan Al Ali

Forge solution will offer solutions for small-medium enterprises and organizations. Forge provides full range of bespoke software development services for varied verticals and business domains. Friendly more responsive web designs to full pack eCommerce web development. A successful web development goes through a bunch of web development and allied services. Also Forge provides affordable digital marketing services.

Startup Name: Saving Children life

Founders: Saif Alsheaili, Mohammed Alkarbi, Obaid Shammari, Khalifa Alyafei

Detection and alarm system of children / pets in vehicles using IR / PIR supported by an app.

Startup Name: Savior

Founders: Sara Ali, Reem Ali, Maitha Alhammadi and Maitha Alketbi

Savior Drone

Startup Name: Script Visualizer

Founders: Mihreteab Bokretsion Araya

Script visualizer is a reading environment software which its main feature is to enable readers, especially students, to understand new terms by visualizing real-time notes as images with short live more explanation (explanations are in different languages that the user prefers). This software is going to be made in a way that motivates students to read by making reading easy and interesting.

Startup Name: Shifa App

Founders: Maryam Alkindi, Alya Ali Alloghani, Raghad Alhefeiti

Shifa application is designed for hospitals and clinics. This application will provide patients with MRI results which includes detailed virtual information where they can read, understand, and watch more videos related to their MRI outcome. This application will integrate with the operations of several hospitals across the UAE.

Startup Name: Shifa-e

Founders: Sara Ali

Online medical platform connecting doctors to patients.

Founders: Abdalla Almuthanna, Ammar Ali and Reem Alali

Smart Automation Pioneers (SAP) is an all-in-one cybersecurity company aiming to provide adequate cybersecurity and penetration testing services to businesses and end-users. As a Managed Security Services more Provider, we act as our client’s trusted go-to partner bringing advanced expertise in the current information technology threat landscape.

Startup Name: Smart Feeders

Founders: Fatma Al-Ali, Ayesha Alali and Alya Shamsi

Smart Feeders is an innovative eco-friendly system for farms to feed cattle without depending on farm workers. Using multiple sensors, motors, and food conveyors, the feeding system automatically passes a more pre-determined amount of grains from a storage box to feeding plates.

Founders: Mariam Alhamadi and Amal Alhamadi

Multifunctional wearable safey device.

Startup Name: Smart Flower

Founders: Fatima Hussain

An idea to produce a solar energy flower that can be used to decorate the gardens in UAE. It can be controlled via an App to change colors.

Startup Name: Smart Shopping cart

Founders: Daniel Habte, Hala Mohammed, Kibrom Kifle

Smart Shopping Cart solves one of the main problems of shopping in large shops and hypermarkets: waiting in a long queue at the cashier. Time wasted to search for a specific item is also another problem. moreTherefore, this product will propose technological solutions to solve them. First, installing a payment option on each shopping cart to enable customers to make the payment independently. Second, is the ability to locate the products needed within the store through guided directions.

Startup Name: SORA

Founders: Khaled Musaed Alsabahi

Homing Drones focuses on the last-mile delivery segment, by using an autonomous systems to deliver products. It will save valuable time for the customer in comparison to the current delivery methods. It moreis designed to be the fastest, most convenient, and simple delivery service. The service will aim to avoid all of the delivery complications by automating the process and providing a user-friendly delivery interface.

Startup Name: Sparkle Designs

Founders: Iman Alshaer

Sparkles Design provides custom jewelry products, pins, brooches, and giveaways. The service includes designing unique shapes, letters & fonts, as well as gold and silver plating for corporations and moreindividuals.

Startup Name: SQ-System

Founders: Alia Al-Ali and Somaya Almarzooqi

SQ System is a smart intervention solution for water leakage, monitoring levels of PH, temperature, and turbidity. It has all the advantages of a reliable and efficient water-saving and monitoring system, more supporting residential homes and buildings. Customers can monitor and control the system remotely using a smart application.

Startup Name: Teecho

Founders: Aaesha Abdulla Almesafri, Shaikha Mohammed AlZaabi, Ruqaiya Mohammed Alshehhi, Asma Mohammed alshamsi, Hend Saeed Alyammahi

Te-echo provides its client with student-centered activities that shift the teaching from a teacher’s authority to a student-led learning, with the end goal being to develop independence in students. A key morefeature of the material provided by Te-echo is the ability to localize and customize teaching material to align with the local educational curriculum.

Startup Name: The Helper

Founders: Abdulla Alzarooni

The Helper provides 3D printing solutions to revolutionize healthcare by improving the work of doctors and patients’ quality of life. It provides 3D printed models, prostheses, casts, and other morerehabilitation devices customized for each patient.

Startup Name: The LED

Founders: Maitha Marzouq, Hind Hafidhi, Shahad Ali and Dana Ali

This is a SEWA project where students are asked to come up with a design that uses the largest number of LED lights in a sculpture.

Startup Name: The lookout

Founders: N/A

Unattended children/pets detection system (CO2 detector)

Startup Name: Track it All

Founders: Hamda Alkhoori, Marwa AlAttar, Abeer Fuad, Alia AlShamsy, Ameera Alblooshi

Track it All is an app aimed at reducing food waste. While grocery shopping, simply take your phone and scan your receipt. Our hope for “Track it All” is to catalog product names and their more corresponding expiration dates, and remind users before their food goes bad. The application will also make the paying process faster and easier. The application will send a notification when the expiry date is near, it will provide a list of suggested recipes that will give you an idea on what to use the food for.

Startup Name: TutorMe

Founders: Sultan Eisa Alhosani, Fahad Saeed Alzarooni

TutorMe is the best way to connect tutors and students, and for students to learn any subject effectively. It allows users to search for a topic, choose a verified tutor, book an appointment, moreand start learning. TutorMe also ensures smooth transactions, between users and tutors, with a money-back guarantee.

Startup Name: Unique Tech

Founders: Noora Alnaqbi, Mahaba Alshamsi

Unique Tech is a facial recognition system with multiple features. Unique Tech’s biometric facial verification technology helps you eliminate time and attendance issues forever. This sophisticated moresoftware uses advanced AI to ensure the correct employee is clocking in and out of their shift, by capturing a photograph of the employee and comparing it to those already stored in their staff profile. The same technology is used for student attendance in schools and universities.

Startup Name: Virus

Founders: Mohammed Alhammadi

Virus is an online advertising marketplace. The service provided by the marketplace includes, all advertising services under one roof. The value proposition provided by Virus is ensuring quick service, morefast delivery, reasonable price and traceability within a defined area for a customer’s advertising needs. Using this technology, the marketplace will aggregate advertising service providers, allowing the customer to choose from a range of service-rated advertising businesses, creating a more efficient business model for a saturated industry.

Startup Name: Visit the Seven

Founders: Omar Mohamed, Mohamed Janahi, Abdulla Alali and Aisha Hassan

Visit the 7 emirates personalized Emirati experience.

Startup Name: WathaQ

Founders: Aaesha Almansoori and Maryam AlMarri

Wathaq is an app that provides a platform for users to share information. It allows users to book a maintenance service from a variety of dealers. Wathaq can receive, store, and maintain user’s vehicle moremaintenance history. Wathaq can also be used to follow up on vehicle services, view service provider deals and offers, and rate the quality of the service all in one location.

Startup Name: Zaheb Project Management

Founders: Mariam Alhamadi and Amal Alhamadi

Zaheb PM provides online services which allows people to manage their work with limited face-to-face meetings and committed to promote businesses. Some of the Products/Services from Zaheb PM includes moreCost Management, Time Management/scheduling, Risk Management, Production Management, Research and Development, Outsourcing.

  • Venue Online
  • Date 21/02/2021