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Virtual Showcase – Applied Research Projects

PI Name: Amjad Shaikh

Project Title: Investigation of photocatalytic thin film on organic pollutants in industrial waste water

The seed research grant project investigated the effect of photocatalytic thin film on the common organic pollutant. The objective of the research was to study the effectiveness of the TiO2 thin film on a known organic pollutant. Methyl orange (MO) was selected as candidate organic molecule, The more MO is widely used as a dye in the dye industry and is considered as major pollutant in wastewater generated. The TiO2 thin film was obtain from a company, which uses state of art technology to produce very fine (several hundred nanometers) thick film. In addition, commercial grade TiO2 powder was used to compare the performance of the thin film.

Project Title: The Study of Relationship Between Work From Home (WFH), Job Satisfaction And The Mediating Role of Perceived Autonomy, Fatigue and Work-Family Conflict :A Study of HCT Employees During COVID-19 Cris.

The Relationship Between Work from Home (WFH), Job Satisfaction And The Mediating Role of Perceived Autonomy, Fatigue and Work-Family Conflict: A Study of HCT Employees During COVID-19 Crisis During COVID-19 Crisis, in March 2020, to deliver its educational services to over 23,000 students across UAE, more HCT (Higher Colleges of Technology), has transformed itself from the bricks and mortar campus into fully virtual full-service Digital Campus, the current study is being conducted to examine the relationship between working from home and its effect on job satisfaction. Additionally, the variables of perceived autonomy and work-family life conflict and fatigue were investigated mediators. The data will be collected using questionnaire from the faculty and the staff of HCT on their practices of working from home and its relationship with the job satisfaction. The findings from this research will help the management of HCT in the development of new strategies of work design, virtual leadership, practices of working from home and design talent management strategies to retain its employees.

PI Name: Abraham Mansouri

Project Title: Development of New Modeling Tools for Cathodic Corrosion Protection of Galvanized Structures.

Corrosion of structures in electric power transmission lines, gas and oil pipeline is the primary cause of in-service equipment degradation. Each year, utility, oil and gas companies spend increasing amounts of their revenue on inspection of corroded structures. Cathodic protection is proved to be an efficient more cost-effective method to mitigate on-going corrosion in components of steel structures. Such design methods, although very useful, are not optimized and cost-effective since they fail to incorporate geometrical factors and transient design parameters, thus require the use of relatively large safety factors. The focus of this study is development of an electrochemical simulation tool for designing an optimum cathodic protection systems for carbon steel and galvanized steel structures.

PI Name: Alfred Miller

Project Title: Using a database approach, with big data and unsupervised machine learning, to model tax behavior in the expatriate community.

Interpreting survey results to motivate collection 377,783 targeted topic words related to tax avoidance and evasion; researchers, using KH Coder for network analytics, specified a new model for tax avoidance and evasion, identifying six factors, more

1) Taxing the rich,

2) Enforcement strategies,

3) Tax Planning for Business,

4) Capital gains tax,

5) Wealth and power,

6) Economic effects of taxation,

7) Audits and materiality. Using.

PI Name: Almaz Sandybayev

Project Title: Enhancing Emirati Student’s Employability through Business Simulation

The purpose of this research was to examine the essence of experiential learning by HCT students from the business department. The participants showed a positive correlation between simulation experience and more possible employability.

PI Name: Anang Amin

Project Title: A Permissioned Blockchain-based Device Identity Management Application for Internet-of-Things (IoT) – Cloud Network

IoT ecosystems are becoming massive infrastructure of interconnected devices. The growth of such robust and dynamic environment is achieved through a scalable and distributed computing platform such as cloud computing. Cloud computing has emerged as a paradigm to provide IoT devices, a seamless access to more shared pool of on-demand and elastic resources in order to execute intensive and critical applications. However, with the expansion of IoT-cloud infrastructure, there is a need to monitor the participation of IoT devices, in terms of their identity and functions. Existing approach utilizes a centralized Identity Management (IDM) model that manages and keep track of the device credentials. Failure to this model would leads to failure towards the entire IoT-cloud network operations. The aim of our research is to develop a decentralized IDM scheme using a permissioned blockchain-based framework to minimize the effect of single point-of-failure in a centralized approach.

PI Name: Anca Bocanet

Project Title: Becoming a “Zero-Waste” Country – Waste Management in UAE

The project touches environmental, social, and economic aspects and will directly support a new sector – “Waste-to-Energy” which will bring numerous businesses and employment opportunities in UAE. This research is in line with the UAE’s 2021’s National Agenda of increasing the contribution of clean energy more and implementing green plans, and with the UAE’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

PI Name: Asfaw Gezae

Project Title: Biochar Production: Economic and Environmental Impacts in the United Arab Emirates

This project deals with the valorization of lignocellulosic biomass in UAE, palm tree wastes, by converting them to biochar suitable for a tremendous industrial potential application. The main objective is to determine the optimal pyrolysis reaction conditions to produce biochar of specific property for a more given application of interest and evaluate its economic and environmental impacts.

PI Name: Asif Malik

Project Title: Development of a Gentle Pump for Fluids with Stress Sensitive Microparticles

The project aims at developing a gentle pump for applications with stress-sensitive particles. The pump targets biomedical and bioprocessing applications where the pumped fluids could contain organic molecules, biopolymers, proteins or living cells. Such particles may be damaged if conventional pumping is used. more
The proposed concept utilizes a valve-less pump design compromised of two pistons which move in a synchronized rotary motion inside an annular housing.

PI Name: Ayesha Abdulla

Project Title: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Related to Persons with Disabilities: a Policy Research Study

The research focuses on understanding the knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) of university students, university faculty, healthcare providers, police and parents toward persons with disabilities or people of determination. The strength of this research depends on an understanding of 1) policies and programs more offered regarding persons with disabilities in the UAE, 2) attitudes on and knowledge of disabilities in education, 3) integration of persons with disabilities in UAE society, and 4) cultural and social contexts of integration.

PI Name: Christine Coombe

Project Title: Integrating an Artificial Intelligence-Based Emotional Intelligence Assessment Framework with Student Success Center Interventions in UAE Universities and Beyond.

Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) and social competencies play an important role in students’ success and retention. Academic institutions across the world are more and more keen on assessing the emotional skills of new students to appropriately plan and provide for interventions that will improve their E.I. skills more and therefore increase their chances for success and retention in higher education. The researchers share results of a study in which bilingual, localized E.I. surveys were developed and used to measure E.I. levels of HCT students .In this research, the investigators validated the scales, administered them to HCT students across the system as well as to students from other academic institutions in the UAE and the Gulf region. In addition, they will adapt and develop contextually relevant interventions and will introduce them first to students around the system, and then, train faculty in other institutions in the UAE and the Gulf to put these interventions in place.

PI Name: Daoud Daoud

Project Title: lexAR (Building a unified and collaborative platform for Arabic technical terms)

This project will enhance the process of transferring knowledge from resource rich language(s) into Arabic. The shortages of Arabic content caused by the difficulty of translating knowledge from resource-rich languages such as English have many negative impacts on the process of the development in the Arab world. more LexAR focuses on building a centralized web-based information system used to gather and disseminate multilingual terminological data containing Arabic terms.

PI Name: Deni Memic

Project Title: Modeling Relationship and Causality between Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Currencies, Indexes and Web Search Results

We observe the relationship and causality between cryptocurrencies on one, and commodities, currencies, equity indexes and web search results on the other side. We use prices of Bitcoin and Ehtereum for cryptocurrencies, prices of crude oil and gold for commodities, more Euro-US Dollar, Euro-Swiss Franc exchange rates for currencies, Dow Jones Industrial Average for market index and Google Trends® data as a measure of worldwide web search results for cryptocurrencies of interest. We find that Bitcoin and web search results correlation went from highly positive to low negative during the Covid-19 period. The results of the study show that the price of Bitcoin and Ehtereum can be modelled using different combinations of commodities, currencies, indexes and web search results, with web search results and Dow Jones Industrial Average exhibiting best predictive power both concurrently and one day in advance. Our best performing models were able to explain more than 95% and 90% of Bitcoin and Ehtereum price variability respectively. We also find strong evidence of web search traffic impacting both Bitcoin and Ethereum prices at all tested lags, as well as some evidence of gold impact on Bitcoin and EUR/CHF impact on Ethereum.

PI Name: Dhanya Surith

Project Title: Understanding students’ mathematical thinking: The three worlds of mathematics

The three worlds of mathematics’ was proposed based on the theoretical framework of Tall (2008, 2013). The three worlds of mathematics are the embodied, symbolic and formal worlds of mathematics that learners operate with while engaging with mathematics. The three worlds more of mathematics are specifically an object based conceptual-embodied world, an action based proceptual-symbolic world and a property based axiomatic-formal world. Using the three worlds framework, learners mathematical world can be described

PI Name: Fadi Abuamara

Project Title: A hybrid Virtual Reality and Robot-based Social Assistant for Autistic Children

Teaching autistic children is usually associated with high therapy costs. There is no full investigation of using a hybrid solution based on robot and virtual reality. In the project “A hybrid Virtual Reality and Robot-based Social Assistant for Autistic Children”, more the NAO robot and Oculus virtual reality are used to improve academic and communication skills among autistic children. First, the researchers and autistic therapists agreed on the targeted skills. Then, a mobile application is developed to offer an interface between autistic children and NAO robot. In the experimentation phase, single-subject research design is used. The final deliverable of this project is an innovative commercial product for autistic centers. Also, good practices will be shared through conferences and journal articles.

PI Name: Faouzi Bouslama

Project Title: Using AI and Soft Computing-Based Emotional Intelligence Frameworks for Testing Emotional Literacy of Students at the Higher Colleges of Technology

Based on Goleman’s work, a four quadrant Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) model was used to create blingual (English and Arabic) E.I. assessment tools. Model was augmented with Adaptability and General Mood to consider the local needs. Assessments were conducted on new more students at HCT. A rule base and a fuzzy logic-based classifier were developed to map students into three types of interventions.

PI Name: Fesmi Majeed

Project Title: Incorporating Phononic crystal technology to develop vibration free Robotic assisted surgery

research proposes introducing the ‘Personalized’ factor to the Health industry – by developing a One-of-its kind Manufacturing hub in UAE for 3D printing custom-designed spinal disc implants and prosthesis.

PI Name: Georgia Daleure

Project Title: Using the STEM-based learning approach in teaching mathematics to develop creative thinking skills and the concept of unity of knowledge

The first step was to cross-list the GS courses into one master shell with all teachers added and one master gradebook. In phase 1 a pilot was carried out with 6 CRNs (3 different course CRNs with one male and one female of each) in which students attended on campus 1 more double session per week with 1 flipped class per week. A participation quiz was carried out in the first 15 minutes of each on campus session. The coursework grades and FWA grades were slightly higher in the English and Research course and nearly the same in the math course leading to phase two. Prior to the summer session, GS teachers were trained and each one delivered one hybrid course. By the fall of 2019 all GS courses were operating in classroom-online hybrid delivery mode. When COVID hit, necessitating online delivery, GS courses were well positioned to transition to fully online delivery. Since then, the delivery has further developed into a cross-campus online delivery.

PI Name: Gume Osorio

Project Title: Understanding academic engagement in the HCT Applied Media programme:  a motivational approach

Students’ natural interest for learning and exploring must be supported by educators to keep them engaged in their studies. Self Determination Theory (SDT; Deci and Ryan, 2000) suggests that basic psychological needs should be supported to create best engagement in the more classroom. Research has shown that if the needs for autonomy, competence and relatedness are supported in the classroom environment then academic engagement is encouraged which leads to greater academic performance. However, when these needs are not supported, academic disengagement and poor learning outcomes may occur. This study aims to identify current Applied Media students’ motivation levels towards academic engagement by investigating to what extent basic psychological needs are satisfied as well as determining students’ levels of intrinsic motivation towards their studies by applying the SDT framework. Obtaining deeper knowledge of the current levels of motivation of our students will assist a) faculty members to adjust teaching practices aiming to provide better classroom environments, b) support HCT student life department by giving them insights about student needs aiming to higher academic engagement, and c) assist HCT administrators in creating more innovative strategies to improve students’ academic performance.

Project Title: Visualization and Measurement of surface flow Structures generated by Bubbly Flow.

Application of a new concentrated photovoltaic technology called solar sphere is tested experimentally. This technology works by collecting solar energy and concentrating it into a small area (focal point). The focused solar energy can generate a huge amount of power that more can be used to produce more electricity than alternative photovoltaic designs. It also has many more advantages comparing with the normal flat-panel. This solar system design, which was found to be liquid filled solar sphere, can directly convert the sunlight into electricity. The solar sphere collects the solar radiation from all directions and then concentrates it on a small focal area of highly efficient solar cell. Measuring the solar irradiance using Pyranometer and the electrical power out of the solar cell. Measurements for many designs with different media’s.

PI Name: Helanka Perera

Project Title: Thermal Properties of Natural fibers

Natural date palm fibers were able successfully modify using silane coupling agents. With introducing fluorinated and non-fluorinated silane coupling agents’ thermal degradation point increased to 410 OC and 510 OC respectively compared to untreated DPF. Below thermograms more we can infer that silanated date palm fibers exhibits higher thermal stability compared to untreated date palm fiber.

PI Name: Irfan Ahmed

Project Title: Machine Learning based Joint Hybrid Beamforming and Resource Management in Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems for 5G

To achieve this objective, we first formulate the optimization problem to maximize the fairness-aware sum-throughput subjected to total power constraint at the transmitter. The optimization variables consist of digital precoder, analog precoder, and the users’ selection more variable. The sum throughput depends on these variables. Then, the optimal (convex optimization), suboptimal (low complexity heuristics), and machine-learning based solutions will be provided.

PI Name: Kevin Trinh

Project Title: Elements of self-expression through photography

To understand the creative process of well-established young Emirati Artist and to create a booklet that becomes a resource for HCT Applied Media Student for introductory courses in Photography, Introduction to Graphic Design. This book is to assist them in learning the more creative process and for final year Capstone projects to appropriate it in their final projects.

PI Name: Lavinia Tamarua

Project Title: Action Research Methodology: An Authentic and Empowering Process of Engagement with Student Researchers

This research tracked the developmental progress of student’s reflective action research projects as a methodology to understand the research process and conceptualization of theory and practice. Reciprocal dialogic exchanges generated from conferencing sessions between more supervisor and student was integral in developing student’s awareness through the process of co-construction. Thus empowering both the researched and the researcher

PI Name: Lim Erin

Project Title: Combining synthetic and naturally-occurring compounds- Investigations of synergistic interaction mechanisms as mitigation against antimicrobial resistance and patient acceptability

Antibiotic therapy is one of the most important applications for fighting infectious diseases and has tremendously enhanced the quality of human life since its introduction. Despite this, over decades of prolonged battle between humans and the multitudes of infectious more pathogens, the single most significant challenge plaguing human health today in the clinical setting is, ironically, the increased bacterial resistance to antibiotics; its rapid spread is facilitated from continuous use. To address the issue of antibiotic resistance, mining of novel antimicrobials from plant secondary metabolites, specifically, essential oils, have been the major focus at current. In this study, we propose to elucidate the mechanisms involved for the compounds obtained from the essential oil in this resistance reversal. The findings from this study will not only enable the development of targeted therapeutic options for overcoming antibiotic resistance, but also revive the efficacy of previously sidelined antibiotics, all of which may serve as fundamental resources to fight against this healthcare impasse into the future.

PI Name: Mahesh Nair

Project Title: Development of a Gentle Pump for Fluids with Stress Sensitive Microparticles

The project aims at developing a gentle pump for applications with stress-sensitive particles. The pump targets biomedical and bioprocessing applications where the pumped fluids could contain organic molecules, biopolymers, proteins or living cells. Such particles may be damaged if conventional pumping is used. more
The proposed concept utilizes a valve-less pump design compromised of two pistons which move in a synchronized rotary motion inside an annular housing.

PI Name: Mamie Griffin

Project Title: PPC Recycling Process Improvement for Business Sustainability

The HCT Industry Grant PPC Recycling Process Improvement for Business Sustainability is a joint project between faculty and students of ADW Business, CIS, and Applied Media. Initiated by Business faculty, the project aims to revamp recycling at ADW in collaboration with our industry partner Al Dhafra Paper more Manufacturing Company. Key outcomes include increasing the ADW community’s awareness of sustainability issues, changing sustainability and recycling behaviors, refining ADW’s recycling process, and implementing SMART Bin technology developed by ADW students.

PI Name: Mani Chakraborty

Project Title: A study to understand to understand the changes in business practices due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Al Ain area of Abu Dhabi

A study to understand the changes in the business practices of due to Covid-19 pandemic in the Al Ain area of Abu Dhabi. This study focused on the business model, practices related changes that has happened in the Al Ain area during the covid-19 pandemic.

PI Name: Mariam Aldhaheri

Project Title: Consumer Protection: Toward the development of a consumer protection framework for the UAE.

The purpose of this study is to address the consumer protection regime in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) against damages posed by defective industrial products, unfair business practices and misleading advertising and to make recommendations for drafting a comprehensive set of rules in the UAE in the hopes that more such recommendations will contribute effectively toward the development of a consumer protection regime in the UAE.

PI Name: Mazin Abuharaz

Project Title: Sustainable HVAC systems in UAE Using Ground Source Cooling

To implement the research proven technology of the ground source cooling for its utility to adapt to the UAE’s need to reduce its carbon footprint. Coupling air-conditioning systems to ground sources, to remove the heat, otherwise released to the atmosphere. New construction of the heating/cooling systems and more retrofitting the existed system, to cut energy demand by up to 40%. Scope of Work: To develop synergies and lead to a future research project that is a larger scale HCT Industry Collaboration Project, HCT interdisciplinary to fund onsite pilot study, to reveal a viable Ground Source Cooling System, Industry collaboration targeting new and existing units to meet growing demand for sustainable and efficient HVAC systems

PI Name: Moath Awawdeh

Project Title: Measurements Validation Models for DSS in Control Systems Applications

The project purpose is mainly to design and implement a data filter together with an interactive graphical user interface for detecting and processing measurements subject to outliers for decision support system users and especially for measurements validation. This can be achieved via designing mathematical more models for various control systems and validating measurements prior to data modeling.

PI Name: Moez Rehman

Project Title: HemiPhysio App: Development of Prototype for Smartwatch Sensors for Measuring Upper Limbs Movements in Children with Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsy.

In this applied research we are developing Smart Watch apps (HemiPhysio Apps) to provide at home Physical Rehabilitation solution. The research and development focuses on children with permanent weakness in one upper limb e.g. Hemiparetic Patients. The solution will base on data collection and analysis, more machine-learning models, activities and movements recognitions, and games for gross- and fine motor skills.

PI Name: Mohamed Elsokary

Project Title: Embryos Cryo-Banking a Novel Insights to Raise The Reproductive Efficiency of Livestock in UAE. (HCT 4.0 PERSONA)

Embryo cryopreservation is mostly used to store and transfer high-quality genetic traits and is considered an efficient fertility preservation measure. However, The survival rate after cryopreservation remains low as a consequence of cryodamage changes and environmental pollution. The research proposal more aimed at giving the student the hand on experience for essentials of cryo-banking, enhancing embryo preservation to overcome some environmental pollutants.

PI Name: Mohammad Kilani

Project Title: Development of a Gentle Pump for Fluids with Stress Sensitive Microparticles

The project aims at developing a gentle pump for applications with stress-sensitive particles. The pump targets biomedical and bioprocessing applications where the pumped fluids could contain organic molecules, biopolymers, proteins or living cells. Such particles may be damaged if conventional pumping is used. more
The proposed concept utilizes a valve-less pump design compromised of two pistons which move in a synchronized rotary motion inside an annular housing.

PI Name: Mohd Sharizal

Project Title: Efficiency Enhancement of Solar Cells using Photonic Crystals

In our project, we are proposing to develop an ultraviolet light-emitting diode (UVLED) as a light source for water treatment and purification. The project will open up the path to provide energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly water treatment by using LED.

PI Name: Muath Alrammal

Project Title: Anti-malware clustering System

The malware attacks several kinds of systems including infrastructure and applications. Industry is facing new and highly sophisticated on daily basis. This project explores the use of AI to counter such malicious programs by predicting their behavior. Such techniques are scalable to new malware definitions more and provide more stronger defenses against new malwares as compared to previously static rules-based approaches. The research project contributed to design of new AI algorithm for malware detections which are explored for the domains of network security and application security.

PI Name: Mustapha Ibrahim

Project Title: Efficiency evaluation of the Fight against COVID-19 based on transmission control and treatment.

The existing response management system for pandemic disease fell short of controlling COVID-19. This study evaluates the response management relative efficiency of 58 countries in two stages, using negative output-Data envelopment analysis models. A robust pandemic response management framework is developed based more on practices of key performers with a global public health pandemic database monitoring and support system as the nucleus.

PI Name: Nadia Kettell

Project Title: Reducing the Use of Plastic on College Campuses in the UAE: Case Study of the Sharjah Women’s Campus.

Reducing the Use of Plastic on College Campuses in the UAE: Case Study of the Sharjah Women’s Campus.

PI Name: Ossama Embarak

Project Title: Developing and Implementing Student knowledge and Skills Radar System (SSRS)

The research aims to apply machine learning algorithms to develop personalized education systems considering learner’s personalities type. Academic institutions fail to give attention to learners differences and therefore deliver the same materials to all learners and expect them to perform well. The proposed and more applied paradigm proof its robust ability to detect personalities, customize learning materials, advise the best major/program, predict learners’ academic performance, and generate recommendations for remediation.

PI Name: Pedro Flores

Project Title: E-Security Behavior among Higher Colleges of Technology Students in UAE

his study was conducted to determine the current state of UAE students’ E-security behavior in the aspects of malware, password usage, data handling, phishing, social engineering, and online scam. The result of this study shed light on understanding the E-Security behavior among students who represent the majority more of internet users and the future workforce of the country.

PI Name: Pedro Longart

Project Title: Branding Al Ain as a tourist destination

This research focuses on ascertaining the potential of Al Ain as a tourist destination, particularly how Al Ain can be branded and the brand architecture in which Al Ain fits. Destination branding is an important topic in tourism studies and particularly in an under researched context such as Al Ain, UAE.

PI Name: Peer Shah

Project Title: Mobility and Content Path Management in Content Centric based IoT Network.

Mobility and content path management in content-centric based IoT network” was envisioned as the Future Internet’s architecture that can overcome the issues of host-based routing by exercising the promising features of content name-based routing. We implemented a distributed architecture to manage the mobility of more content consumer and producer IoT devices. This helped in avoiding the data loss which was there in older systems due to the large convergence time.

PI Name: Priti Verma

Project Title: Assessing self-regulation among 3-4 year old children enrolled in high, average and low quality nurseries/ECECs/pre-kindergartens in UAE.

In the United Arab Emirates, little research has been done to document and analyze Early Childhood Education Center’s (ECECs) quality, and its impact on children’s self- regulation development, which is known to support their school readiness. The study investigates the development of self- regulation in children more studying in nurseries/ pre-kindergarten section of formal schools and furthermore, estimate the correlation between quality of private nursery/pre-kindergarten and children’s self-regulation

PI Name: Rajaa Mirgani

Project Title: The effect of genetic polymorphism in CYP3A5 on plasma concentrations of Tacrolimus and treatment outcome in kidney transplant patients

Kidney transplantation is treatment of choice for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). The success of the transplant depends on the delicate balance between reducing the risk of rejection while avoiding the side effects of immunosuppressive therapy. Tacrolimus is widely used as an immunosuppressive agent in kidney more transplantation. The aim of our study is optimize the use of tacrolimus in kidney transplant patients using drug metabolizing enzymes genotyping information.

PI Name: Rashid Ashraf

Project Title: The effects of social media on war for talent

Social Recruiting is a new way forward to manage your human capital more effectively and efficiently to get a sustainable competitive advantage. There is a growing demand for highly skilled people. The innovative practices of Human Resources Management lead to better employee innovation and customer satisfaction. moreTherefore investment in recruitment and selection function has increased more than ever before to attract and hire the best available talent. The contemporary way of sourcing talent is to employ multiple sources that include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to avoid selection or rejection errors to maximize return on investment (ROI).

PI Name: Riaz Akseer

Project Title: Electronic Medical Records: Confidentiality Upheld?

The project aims to study the major factors that affect the prevention and control of chronic communicable and non-communicable diseases as well as genetic diseases. Some of these factors include the knowledge, perceptions and practices related to the major diseases common in the UAE. The study population includes morehigh school and college/ university students.

PI Name: Rihab Grassa

Project Title: The effect of COVID 19 and Oil price shock on the UAE stock market performance

The overall objective of this project is to provide for the development of an ecosystem for sustainable growth of non-profit organizations operating in food waste management. Such developed ecosystem will provide for a two-way communication among national and international organizations as well as among donators moreand distributors. In addition, it will significantly shorten the duration between the time of receiving and distributing the food by proposing an IT support to manage the resources.

PI Name: Roudaina Houjeir

Project Title: Fraud Diamond – UAE Students

Academic dishonesty is a serious concern in the UAE Higher education sector. Research has confirmed that business students cheat more than others and they are less likely to criticize cheating behavior. The objective of this study was to investigate the potential determinants that cause student cheating phenomena morein the UAE and develop hypotheses and test them. A related objective was to recommend possible remedies to such behavior.

PI Name: Sarah Hyde

Project Title: Teacher education mentor and mentee perceptions of dialogic feedback in the United Arab Emirates

An analysis of the lesson observation cycle in a UAE initial teacher education institution. This action research study analyses and suggests areas for development for the lesson observation cycle in an initial teacher education institution in the United Arab Emirates. Two cycles of action research were conducted. moreThe first to explore the current situation of lesson observation. A programme of development was implemented and the final research cycle analysed the effect of the intervention. The findings suggest a standardised approach to reflective practice and mentorship in initial teacher education will further support student teacher development.

PI Name: Sasi Kumar

Project Title: Analyzing the interactions among the barriers for safe and effective medical waste management – An Interpretive Structural Modeling approach

The main objective of this research project is to understand the different types of medical waste in the hospital and to identify the barriers that hinder the effective management of medical waste. Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) approach is used as a solution methodology to analyze the interaction among morethe barriers and extract the most influencing barrier that create challenges for both hospital management and government in managing the medical waste safely and effectively.

PI Name: Sultan Mosleh

Project Title: Predictors of delay seeking medical help: across sectional study among cardiovascular patients in UAE

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the UAE. Diagnosing CVD in the earlier stage means that complication to the body system is most likely less, so the treatment will be easier. In this research we will discuss about CVD, determine the delays of seeking medical treatment, raise awareness, morecover the prevention of CVD, and the treatments which are the most effective for patients. This study sought to determine the predictors of delay in seeking medical service among CVD patients who are residents in UAE and identify the role of illness perception in delay medical service.

PI Name: Tabani Ndlovu

Project Title: An investigation of the gap between HCT’s graduate offer on one hand and students’/graduates’ and stakeholders’ expectations on the other hand

The research sought to gauge HCT students’ and alumni’s views of the extent to which their HCT qualifications helped them secure employment or start business projects. The project also sought employers’ views on HCT graduates’ competencies. The research was centered on the Western region of Abu Dhabi.

PI Name: Tania Al Aghar

Project Title: The i-Reader online reading tracking tool in Arabic

The project aims to develop an online reading tracking tool that will motivate and engage learners in reading in Arabic. It will improve linguistic skills and cognition and provide teachers with a wealth of data on students’ reading preferences. Launching this innovative tool by HCT will pave the way for the moreavailability of a free online reading tracking tool to the whole of the Arabic speaking world, teachers and students.

PI Name: Tarig Faisal

Project Title: Design and Development of Intelligent Waste Bin System

This project designed an innovative Intelligent Waste Bin System based on internet of things and network-attached storage technology with the aim of reducing the problems that would occur due to the accumulation of wastes and also generates revenue which creates business opportunities for waste management morecompanies via advertisement solution.

PI Name: Utsav KC

Project Title: The Multi-Rotor Methane Sensor for Natural Gas Detection

A multirotor drone and a laser based instrument are developed and then combined to form a flying-methane-sensor. Its purpose is to measure the concentration of the methane gas in the atmosphere. It is expected to be useful in monitoring the greenhouse gas and discovering the sources of methane at remote morelocations.

PI Name: Vasintha Veeran

Project Title: Exploring the Training Needs of Teachers in Primary, Middle and High Schools For Early Identification of Child Abuse

The purpose of this study was to ascertain the level of knowledge and understanding of teachers with regard to identifying the early signs and symptoms of child abuse in the field of education. The findings elucidated that while teachers demonstrated some knowledge in identifying indicators of child moreabuse, there was a distinct expression for more specialized training as identified by 70% of participants. The research findings were conclusive in identifying the need for basic teacher training and continuing professional development for teachers. The outcome of the research, is a model training program is proposed for teachers in schools. As the context of the research is the UAE, conclusions and recommendations relate specifically to the UAE.

PI Name: Walid Zgallai

Project Title: Developing an Automated Algorithm to Assess Human Abdominal Fat on T1 and T2 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

A new method to automate the assessment of the abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) and visceral adipose tissue (VAT) from MRI images for obese patients before and after fasting is presented. Three hundred twenty four images have been employed in this study. Convolutional Neural Networks have morebeen deployed to quantify SAT and VAT.

PI Name: Yacouba Moumouni

Project Title: Off-grid Stand-alone Energy Systems (OSES)

This research proposed to investigate a novel energy-sharing algorithm based on the concept of “energy for work.” The methodology focused on an average individual consumer and then scaled up the results to a household, a community, and/or an entire nation. External variables: 1) current real per morecapita energy consumption, 2) average household size, and 3) total population data were utilized to conduct the study. The study also utilized internal variables, such as: 1) the amount of energy available in the central battery bank, 2) the number and types of customers — Green, Yellow, and Red — willing to prepay the good, meaning to perform an assigned task before sunset, and 3) the types of appliances — High (L0k), Medium (L1k), and Low (L2k) priorities. Results, showed that green users enjoyed the most their virtual energy shares compared to yellow and red, thus bringing socio-economic benefits to all middle to low-income green residents.

PI Name: Yasmeen Abukheil

Project Title: Caps-Sim-EDU: Software Packages Development for Active Endoscopic Capsules (Educational Version)

The developed CAPS-Sim edu is a virtual simulation environment for magnetically driven active endoscopic capsule that provides educational institutes with a platform to teach computer vision and navigation algorithms in K12 and undergraduate courses. The current CAPS-Sim supports fully deformable morecolon model from a CT scan, triangle mesh topology for interaction, haptic and secondary camera control.

Project Title: The effect of the degree of sharia compliance on the market and financial performance of firms: The case of non-financial listed firms in the UAEs twin stock markets.

The purpose of this project is to investigate the effect of the degree of sharia compliance on the market and financial performance of the non-financial firms listed on both the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and the Dubai Financial Market.

PI Name: Zimran Rafique

Project Title: Energy Storage Technology-Based DC Grid System: A Route to Power Line Communication

The energy sector has expanded its vision towards a diversified power grid while introducing Distributed Renewable Energy Systems (DRES). This diversification is achieved by adding: 1) new sources of energy generation, and a 2) two-way power flow. This is due to the hazardous concerns for 1) clean moreand healthy environment, 2) depletion of traditional energy resources, and 3) increasing demand of energy with the population growth. Most of the DRESs produces direct current (DC) energy, which can be further stored easily by energy storage devices to deal with sporadic nature of these sources. In this research, the scope of work is to provide practical solution towards route of: 1) Power line communication (PLC), which will be utilized in a DC grid system for a better performance management, 2) control, 3) parallel power transfer, and for 4) other parallel communication.

  • Venue Online
  • Date 21/02/2021