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About the Conference:

The conference’s purpose is to connect Maritime Educators, Environmental Engineers , and current and future seafarers to share best practices and research findings and demonstrate the evolving knowledge and ideas regarding the latest technologies in powering commercial vessels worldwide with a view to transform the mindset of this vital industry towards a greener format and to prepare the current & future maritime students for these forthcoming global advancements with a such a globalized industry.


The future of Green & Autonomous Vessels – The Economic & Environmental benefits of mapping the future of a sustainable shipping industry.


The Innovations in Marine Transportations conference aims to help exchange information, establish permanent links and collaboration between the participants in the field of global sustainable shipping technologies and solutions. The conference’s purpose is to connect maritime educators with shipping and maritime professionals in order to share best practices and research findings and thereby take new knowledge and ideas to transform their institutional efforts in preparing future marine, maritime and seafaring staff for the inevitable future sustainability challenges. This main aim of the conference will strive not only to comply with future greener regulations but also to lay the foundations for a global maritime transport vehicle that is prepared for providing and achieving zero emissions.

Panel sessions, in the form of discussion sessions and workshops, are to be conducted by the panel organizers to transfer skills to the conference participants on proposed topics.


Dr. Farhan Saeed (Conference Chair) – email: fsaeed@hct.ac.ae