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Information Technology Trends (ITT 2023)



Today, one of the critical issues the world is facing is climate change. This problem can impact human health, reduce food availability and cause damage to the ecosystem and infrastructure.

The inefficient utilization of computing resources in various areas, such as energy production, material recycling and manufacturing, is a major contributor to the climate change problem.

Sustainable computing is an approach that optimizes the utilization of computing resources and their influence on the environment. Despite the success of sustainable computing, many governments are striving for more advanced and innovative technologies to efficiently achieve clean energy and sustain natural resources.

A promising technology to achieve intelligent, sustainable computing is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI techniques, including deep learning and machine learning, provide powerful search capabilities that process a massive amount of data to deliver effective and efficient solutions to stakeholders.

The application of AI in the field of sustainability has shown, in the last few years, an increasing pattern caused by the problems associated with climate change.

In sustainability, AI techniques can deal with predictive and descriptive benchmarks related to energy production and distribution, transportation management, urban mobility, ecosystem services, water resources, infrastructure planning and more. For example, when using AI for sustaining agricultural applications, data gathered from sensors can help farmers produce high quality crops through more efficient fertilization and irrigation.




The IEEE Information Technology Trends (ITT) has established itself as one of the most renown research conferences in Information Technology (IT), and its application, in the Gulf region and worldwide.

The conference covers emerging aspects of IT, including Data Science, Computer Security and Networking, Intelligent Software and applications and attracts scholars, IT professionals, research students, and practitioners from a diverse range of IT related areas. The ITT conference series promotes quality research, and automated solutions to emerging problems in wide range of real application domains and continuously seeks to promote, share, and disseminate innovative and cost effective solutions in IT and its applications.

Following the success of the annual ITT conferences (from 2015-2022), HCT is pleased to host the 9th conference (ITT 2023), under the theme ‘The Application of AI in Sustainable Computing’, to be held at the HCT-Dubai Men’s campus on May 24-25, 2023. ITT 2023 explores the latest applications of AI in sustainability, present methods to develop solutions related to applications, technologies, and theories in sustainability using AI techniques.