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ICAHS 2023

The HCT International Conference on Advancements in Health Sciences (ICAHS) 2023


About the Conference

The International Conference on Advancements in Health Sciences (ICAHS) has been established by the HCT Faculty of Health Sciences as an annual scientific conference, held in the first week of March. The inaugural ICAHS aims to address the topic of Innovations in Health Science Education, Healthcare, and Outcomes and will be held from March 8-9, 2023 at the HCT-Dubai Men’s Campus in Academic City.

The multidisciplinary conference will provide a platform for academicians, practitioners, researchers, healthcare stakeholders and industry representatives to exchange insights into, and experiences on, the emerging strategies and technologies in health science education, healthcare and outcomes. The conference will also explore the technological and institutional drivers of the current, and future, cutting-edge developments in the UAE healthcare sector.

The conference will include a range of interactive formats, including oral presentations, panel discussions, poster presentations and interactive workshops, with emphasis on innovation and the latest technologies. Complementing the conference theme, these highlights will provide genuine and reliable contributions to the healthcare and scientific community.

Proposed Presentation themes

National and international keynote speakers will be invited to present trending experiences, industry best practices and expert knowledge in health sciences education, care and innovation. The ICAHS-2023 addresses, paper presentations and interactions will cover the following topics:

  1. Interdisciplinary Innovation of Health Science Education
  2. Digitalized and Transformational Health Care and Education
  3. Competency-based Education and Assessment in Health Sciences
  4. Novel Diagnostics, Therapies and EBP for Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases
  5. Emerging Technologies in Healthcare Practice: Telehealth and AI
  6. Community and Public Health in Action: Integrating Social, Mental, Diagnostic, Emergency and Pharmaceutical Services
  7. One Health – The Effects of Global Pandemics on Veterinary and Healthcare Professionals and Services