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HCT Ramadan Talks – Is Green Hydrogen The Fuel Of The Future?

This is a highly salient topic for discussion and exploration during the Year of Sustainability.

Led by a highly-qualified HCT Engineering faculty member, Fouad Mattar, the inaugural HCT Ramadan Talks event, is a student-focused round-table discussion forum involving eight highly motivated HCT students, who will discuss and debate the topic in an interactive and engaging format.

The forum will delve into a range of topics as to why Green Hydrogen could be an ideal source of energy, as more nations seek to find alternatives to their oil-based economies. Hence, the session will consider:

  1. What constitutes Green Hydrogen;
  2. Its comparisons to Blue and Grey Hydrogen;
  3. How it out performs those forms in terms of environmental impacts;
  4. How & where it is produced;
  5. Its applications;
  6. Its benefits & drawbacks;
  7. The current state of the Green Hydrogen industry & how it can be advanced;
  8. The potential for the industry in the UAE;
  9. How can educators and students get involved in Green Hydrogen;
  10. Potential for student startups related to Green Hydrogen (electrolysis);
  11. The next steps forward.

The forum ultimately seeks to act as an awareness initiative for the HCT community and the genesis of a call to action for youth to be more fully involved in such sustainability-oriented endeavors.

  • Venue Dubai Men’s Campus
  • Date 17/04/2023