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HCT Education Students’ Research Conference 2021

The HCT Education Students’ Research Conference 2021, held under the theme of Better Together: Understanding and Supporting Students, will take place virtually on March 24, 2021.

This conference is unique in that it is created by, and for, the talented HCT Bachelor of Education students. All conference presentations and sessions are designed to maximize the HCT students’ involvement, and ongoing development, as educators and education specialists of the future.

The aim of the conference is to showcase the students’ classroom-based action research, which is undertaken during the final year of their teacher education program at HCT. The research the students are undertaking encourages them to reflect on, examine and improve their practice on a daily and continuous basis.

The conference will showcase capstone research projects from the Bachelor of Education Semester 8 student-teachers and poster presentations from Semester 7 students. It will also host four distinguished speakers from Cyprus, the UAE and New Zealand, who will present topics highlighting the importance of social and emotional learning, and the importance of both teacher well-being and early intervention through art in early childhood education. All HCT Education faculty and students will participate in the conference.