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Fintech Abu Dhabi 2020

Fintech Abu Dhabi 2020

Digital Edition

HCT Student & Graduate FinTech Competition



HCT final-year students, new HCT graduates and those with start-ups being developed through the HCT’s InnCuVation Spaces are invited to register for a student competition, which are part of the FinTech Abu Dhabi 2020 Awards, to be presented on November 26, 2020. The Awards ceremony is a showcase event of the Fintech Abu Dhabi 2020, MENA’s leading FinTech festival.


The 2020 edition of Fintech Abu Dhabi – MENA’s leading FinTech festivalwill see over 130 international speakers, 10 global FinTech Unicorns, Global Senior Ambassadors, Scaleup Founders, Leading Investors and Government Regulators converge to discuss and share the latest news, trends, market movements and much more in over 27 hours of immersive FinTech content.

As FinTech Abu Dhabi 2020 is a digital edition the program will be accessible for everyone, anywhere. The 2020 program will feature keynote addresses, panel discussions, interactive workshops and “fireside” conversations, presentations and the FinTech Abu Dhabi Awards.

See more at https://www.fintechabudhabi.com/


Applicants will look at the future of the financial landscape as a whole, by considering the future of technology and the impact this might have on financial services. The competition will take the form of an ideation of students’ capstone projects, or their future start-up/innovative entrepreneurship project.

They will need to address the following issue, in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation or Word document:

Discuss a problem or issue, related to any one of the suggested Competition Themes, relevant to financial services and how future technology will help to solve this?


  • Back Office Automation
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Regtech & SupTech
  • Fintech for youth
  • Neobanks
  • Insurtech
  • Digital Marketplaces
  • Fraud
  • Credit Scoring
  • Cashless payments
  • Security & Trust
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Supply Chain
  • Wealth & Asset Management
  • Technology license


November 18, 2020: Deadline for Submissions

November 19, 2020: Selection best six HCT submissions

November 19, 2020: Mentoring and guidance of top six submissions

November 22, 2020: Short listing of top three presentations (pre-recording session)
Three presentations selected by ADGM Academy and Unbound jury members

November 26, 2020: Presentation of three finalist projects at FinTech Abu Dhabi 2020 Awards


Applicants will need to deliver a 3-minutes pitch, in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation or Word document, as to their submission. The submission content should contain the following items:

  • Start-up elevator pitch
  • The problem you are trying to solve.
  • The solution. How your product solves the problem.
  • Market opportunity and why now? Is it something that has a competitive or sustainable advantage?
  • The impact on the sector, markets, ecosystem, economy
  • Generating revenue. Can you make money or make a profit?
  • Team & where do you see the start-up’s growth potential

UPLOAD YOUR SUBMISSION HERE https://hctuae-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/hzarrouk_hct_ac_ae/Emc2J8KlJmhFrcCJG3_CPFIB8doGF8mqV2gae2QAHSS5EQ?e=g5jRdY


  • Clarity: The Project is clear. Is the description of your project idea clear and simple enough for an outsider to understand?
  • Relevance: The project idea is relevant. Is your project able to solve a real business problem? Does your project address a fintech problem statement?
  • Feasibility: The project is realistic. Is your project taking in account the market readiness and maturity? Can the activities you plan deliver the results you expect?
  • Business Model: The project shows a business potential. Can your project be scaled up and will it generate revenue?
  • Distinction: The project has a unique proposition. Is your project distinct from existing solutions and does it utilize unique technology?
  • Venue Online
  • Date 26/11/2020