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Breaking Barriers Short Video Challenge


Welcome to the Breaking Barriers short video competition! The competition commences on May 1, 2023 and ends on May 31, 2023.

The competition theme, Breaking Barriers, refers to the act of overcoming obstacles or limitations that prevent progress or success in various aspects of life. These barriers can be physical, emotional, social, cultural or economic in nature, and breaking them requires determination, resilience and creativity.

Breaking barriers often involves pushing beyond one’s comfort zone to achieve goals and aspirations. This can be done through education, innovation or simply through personal growth and self-improvement. Ultimately, breaking barriers is about expanding possibilities and creating opportunities for oneself and others.

So, get creative and start filming! We can’t wait to see your interpretation of the theme Breaking Barriers in just 30 seconds.

The competition has been made possible by the generous support of the DLLF’s corporate sponsor, Grapheast Elite Education, the Adobe Distribution Partner in the MENA region.

The winning video will be announced on June 6, 2023.


  1. Applicants must create a short video that showcases the theme of Breaking Barriers in any way you see fit.
  2. Your video can be funny, serious, inspiring, or thought-provoking, as long as it fits the theme of Breaking Barriers.
  3. Your video should be 30 seconds’ long and be in either H. 264 video or mp4 video format with sound.
  4. Completed videos must be uploaded to the DLLF conference website, by clicking the “Submit Your Video” button.
  5. Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2023



The best three (3) videos will be awarded attractive cash prizes and certificates.



Judges will evaluate each video based on creativity, originality, and how well it showcases the theme of empowerment.


HCT reserves the right to use any of the submissions for promotional or marketing purposes.



  • Venue Dubai Women’s Campus
  • Date 26/05/2023