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EHS – Contractor Management

HCT has developed the contractor management procedure for managing the Environmental, Health and Safety risks arising from its contractors’ activities. Also to ensure a systematic approach to the management of contractors so that risks to Health and Safety of contractors, the community and the Environment are minimized.

The procedure includes the following points:

  • Establishment of Contractual EHS Requirements.
  • Risk Assessment for all contractors.
  • Monitoring Performance/Evaluation of Compliance.
  • Incident Reporting.
  • Monitoring & Inspection
  • EHS Induction, Toolbox Talk and Training
  • Permit to Work.

Particular Condition for Environment Health & Safety

  • The contractor shall at all-time carry out the work in accordance with HCT EHSMS requirements which includes EHS Legal Requirements, Risk Management, EHS Procedures, and Work Instructions etc. and shall maintain the records for same.
  • The following requirements shall be delivered in all tenders and specifications to ensure that EHS risk of assigning contractor is minimized:
  • The contractor has all applicable and valid licenses.
  • Submit the required EHS documents to HCT at the bidding, performance and project close out stage.
  • Submit the commitment stating that they will comply with HCT applicable EHSMS related Procedures.
  • Contractor throughout the project progress shall comply with HCT EHSMS requirements and their duties under all approved codes and all relevant Environment, Health and Safety legislation.
  • Where no specific legislative requirements exist, the contractor shall comply with the guidance provided by HCT EHSMS standards as a minimum standard of Environment, Health and Safety.
  • Contractor shall promptly provide notification to HCT Health and Safety Specialist of any incidents/ near miss that occurs at work.
  • Contractor shall refer to HCT “Management of Contractor Procedure” for all Incidents Reporting and Investigation.
  • Contractor shall carry out regular inspections as per their Inspection Plan to cover their activities carried out in HCT premises. The inspection report shall be submitted to HCT Health and Safety Senior Specialist at the campus and/or central services
  • Contractor shall monitor and report their EHS Performance to HCT Health and Safety Specialist monthly through Contractor Monthly Performance Reporting Form.
  • Prior to mobilization, contractor must ensure that the workforce has received EHS trainings and induction, which commensurate with the work will be carried out under the current contract.
  • Contractor shall provide the details of EHS training requirements. All of contractor employees shall be inducted in EHS requirements prior to commencement of work, in addition to the required EHS trainings that is required to carry out their duties safely.
  • Ensure the required PPE are used employees/ sub-contractors.
  • Segregate and responsibly dispose all wastes generated by the contractor activities at HCT sites, and provide the details of this waste to Health and Safety Specialist at campus and /or central services.
  • If the Contractor does not have such Environment, Health and Safety Management System, they shall fully comply with HCT EHSMS. A formal undertaking shall be executed as a part of contractual agreement

Tender Evaluation & Technical Proposal Assessment Criteria

  • Submit an action plan and a comprehensive guide for risk assessment and management standards, policies and procedures including emergency management while performing works & providing services within the required scope of work in the tender document and in compliance with biding legal and other requirements.
  • Submit a copy of its integrated, certified and implemented systems for EHS management or any other systems according to the scope of work specified in the tender document ( for example : ISO EMS 14001 , OHSAS 18001 and food safety systems (HACCP ), along with a copy of the last third party audit report by accreditation awarding bodies & external auditing parties.
  • Submit a copy of all required and valid licenses and permissions issued by competent authorities in UAE (Federal & Local) related to works and services falling within the scope of work specified in the tender document and in compliance with biding legal & wither requirements.
  • Submit copies of certificates of experience, academic, professional and specialized certificates, and training certificates for the candidate staff nominated for performing work. Those certificates shall include EHS qualifications & training certificates and any other certificates specified by legal requirements.

Download Management of Contractors [HCT/EHS/SP-005]

Download Contractors Monthly EHS performance reporting form

Download Contractor (s) Performance Monitoring – EHS Inspection Sheet

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Download Pandemic (COVID-19) Mitigation & Controls

Download Environmental Commitment Statement

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