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HCT Tenders

In this portal you can see all published Tenders in HCT and download the tender documents (as applicable)

Procurement Section:

The Procurement Section is the backbone of the Procurement and Contracts Department by procuring all services and goods that is needed for the HCT. The section receive all requirements and identify different sourcing strategies to procure those goods or services in compliance with applicable regulations and governance. This includes floating RFIs’, RFQs, RFPs, and Public Tenders using best practices in procurement.

Contact Procurement Department

The Procurement & Contracts Department is committed to enhancing and improving its provided services. We appreciate getting all vendors feedback, and they can submit it through the below channels:

For Vendor Registration:

For General Inquiries, Feedback & Complaints:

Contracts Section

The Contracts Section is an HCT Support Function that works hand in hand with the Procurement Section, the End User, HCT Legal and the Second Party in order ...

Vendor Management Section

This section is responsible for managing vendor relationships. Vendor relationship management is deepening the buyer-supplier relationships to achieve a mutually...