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E-Employability Hub

In alignment with the UAE Government’s initiatives to create an innovation-based economy, vis-à-vis the UAE National Innovation Strategy and the Government Innovation Framework, the HCT’s EIE department has launched...

Work Placement

As a pre-graduation requirement, all HCT students are required to complete an eight-week work placement period, working with an employer in the industry sector matched with the students’ particular field or program of study.

Contact Employability Department

The Employability & Industry Engagement Department is keen to work with all industry partners to create mutually beneficial opportunities. Please connect with us using the below mentioned channels:

HCT Kawader Portal

The EIE department has created a bespoke portal that provides HCT potential graduates and alumni with the opportunity to register as Job Seekers, with the aim of enhancing their employability readiness, as well as assisting them in finding job opportunities.