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Future Persona 4.0

Future Persona 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution continues
to fundamentally change the way we live, learn, and interact with each other.
Driven by technological advancement, this exciting chapter in our history
presents challenges and opportunities in equal measure, and we must ensure the
next generation is prepared to embrace them. These extraordinary circumstances
we currently find ourselves in demonstrate
that the future can become the present in the blink of an eye, and addressing such challenges requires

Talent development is a key
component of education, making it imperative for educators to prepare students
for their future careers and challenges. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and
its associated technological breakthroughs, particularly in the field of
Artificial Intelligence (AI), are causing some markets to collapse and new ones
to emerge. This disruption is impacting the types of jobs available and, in
turn, forcing educational institutions to reconsider which talents they should
nurture. For example, many are now giving vocational skills the same importance
as academic degrees

Witnessing these emerging
developments and challenges, we arrive at a new school of thought in human
resource development that I call ‘Future Persona 4.0’. This refers to qualities
that I believe will be perceived as valuable traits in the future. This model
includes a ‘Digital Persona’, a ‘Professional Persona’, and an
‘Entrepreneurship Persona’, all of which should be developed alongside each
other to create well- rounded individuals. The earlier we begin this development process, the more it will be ingrained into students’ psyches,
encouraging innovation and ambition

The ‘Digital Persona’ reflects
the importance of empowering this generation of students with the right tools
to bring out their natural disposition to embracing technology. The
‘Professional Persona’ gives students the ability to meet high levels of
professionalism that are now the global standard.  Finally, the ‘Entrepreneurship Persona’
allows students to apply their digital and professional skills in research and
analysis, enabling them to come up with creative projects that add value to the

The ‘Future Persona’ concept is
an expansive vision that can be developed in line with future advancements and
challenges. It’s an educational model that understands how today’s generation
is different from previous ones, with unique abilities and inclinations. To
produce professionals that can meet the evolving requirements of business and
economic sectors, we must ensure they are capable of continuous learning and

Human development is a dynamic,
never-ending process, and to shape a brighter future for all of us, we need to
empower students today. We shall discuss ‘Future Persona 4.0’ in more detail in
future columns

Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi

President & CEO, Higher Colleges of Technology